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Steam Locomotive modeling projects

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    Steam Locomotive modeling projects

    As everyone knows by now I am into modeling steam locomotives. That being said I was curious if there were any steam locomotives that have not been modeled yet that people would enjoy to see in Open Rails or any steam locomotives that others are modeling for Open Rails currently?

    I know we have some fantastic modelers out there and Open Rails is really starting to up the game when it comes to modeling so lets see those projects that others are working on and some ideas for future projects for Open Rails.

    I personally enjoy modeling ones that are still in excursion service that are well known and I currently have a few up my sleeve that are in the works!


    Start with the Reading T-1.

    David P. Carleton
    D. Carleton Rail Books


      I'd look for workhorses before unicorns....


        Yes David actually the Reading T1 is on my list of locomotives to do. A few others on the list include a Rock Island R67B 4-8-4, NYC Niagara, NKP, C&O and PM 2-8-4s, C&O 614, US Sugar 148, UP Steam Fleet 844 and 3985 along with a special project I was asked to build for the Open Rails team specifically for testing in Open Rails that I have made a separate post about that I am currently working on. I am sure Eric wouldn't mind if I did some CNW Steam as there really isn't any out there for Open Rails.



          Very ambitious projects going on Josh. Glad to see that there's some Reading and New York Central steam in the works. Definitely looking forward to the Niagara.
          NYC - Road of the Future


            Thanks! I have many projects I want to do and a lot of them in the works already just haven't gotten the time to sit down and finish them all. As Eric knows me all too well I usually bite off more then I can chew a lot of times!

            To me many of the steam locomotives that are out are far outdated and from the MSTS days! If we want Open Rails to shine we need to build some new steam locomotive models to perform with the new animations and performance specs that Open Rails now provides. Even if it requires to build models that are already out from the MSTS days. Look at all of the diesels that have been built and rebuilt over the years to come up to Open Rails specs. You can't say that much about steam locomotives!

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              I will admit that having a CNW R-1 (4-6-0) would be fitting, as they were the most numerous locomotive on the CNW. But there are other 4-6-0's in the library for stand-ins. Likewise for the Mikado (2-8-2).

              There are some Milwaukee Road classes that are completely unrepresented.

              I'd be looking at maybe in Atlantic (4-4-2), Prairie (2-6-2), or a Class F's (4-6-4) before I look at another big Northern or Challenger.

              MILW did have streamlined Atlantics and Class F's (4-6-4) for the earliest iterations of the Hiawatha...

              Oh, and if you happen to need a brain break from building steam locomotives, we really do need a Nippon Sharyo cab car/coach. Maybe a Budd as well now that Josh has a good start on that Rock Island District.
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                Yes I should be able to whip out a few of those smaller steamers for ya Eric! I already have a start on a Milw 4-4-2 and would love to try my hands at a CNW 1385 or something smaller.

                Actually Josh has started modeling stuff now and wants to do the coaches for Metra as one of his first projects so I don't want to take that away from him.



                  I'd absolutely love to see a Santa Fe 2-10-4 done for the sim. While I don't have any material of Santa Fe 2-10-4s specifically, I do have a detailed drawing of a Pennsy J1 which may be of some use that I can share if you're interested.
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                    A 2-10-4 would be awesome but I think Eric is right in that we need an assortment of steam locomotives. Some smaller steamers would be a nice addition as well and yes I am more of a 4-8-4 guy I will admit I don't mind building other classes of locomotives as well. My main focus right now is to get out the projects I have already started and not start any other projects until I get them out. The only exception is that of the SP GS1 4-8-4 that I am building specifically for the Open Rails team so we can do some testing and they are able to add some more features to steam locomotives that are not yet available at this time. Then it will be time to move on to some of my other projects I have had on the back burner for months to years!



                      One of the things I've been planning to add to the catalog here is a classification search, so that you can see how many of each type of locomotive we have in the library.

                      For now, you can search on 440 and get results, but the way that the searching is done it's looking for everything that has 440 in it, which will include free text as well as file numbers.


                        That would be a great addition to the site Eric! I'm onboard for that change or addition!!


                          It'll probably never happen, but I'd sure like to see a C&O Allegheny.
                          Larry Steiner
                          Grand Rapids, MI
                          (CSX Country)


                            Originally posted by phydeaux View Post
                            It'll probably never happen, but I'd sure like to see a C&O Allegheny.
                            There is already one out and it is here in the File Library.


                            MSTS Lima Allegheny. Chesapeake & Ohio H8

                            File ID 77392​
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                              Just to let everyone know these are the locomotives on my list that are either in the stages of being built or I plan on building! Yes this is quite an extensive list and it will take me awhile to get to a few of them but I am making quite a bit of progress on quite a few of them!

                              I hope you guys like what you see but as of right now there is no time line for any of them and I work on them when time permits. However I do have a few that I have made a priority so you may see a few being released soon.

                              Canadian Steam Locomotives

                              CP 4-6-4 2816 and 2860 - In process of being built Priority
                              CP 4-6-2 2317
                              CP 4-6-2 1278 and 1293
                              CN 4-8-2 6060
                              CN 2-8-2 3254

                              USA Steam Locomotives

                              NYC 4-8-4 Niagara - In process of being built Priority
                              NYC 4-6-4 Hudson non streamlined version

                              GTW 4-8-4 6325

                              US Sugar 4-6-2 148 - In process of being built Priority

                              SP 4-8-4 GS1 - In process of being built Priority
                              SP 4-6-2 P-8​ 2472, 2479 and 2467

                              SOO LINE 4-6-2 H-23 2719
                              SOO LINE 2-8-2 L-1​ 1003

                              UP FEF3 4-8-4 844- In process of being built
                              UP Challenger 4-6-6-4 3985 - In process of being built
                              UP Big Boy 4-8-8-4 4014

                              RI 4-8-4 R67B - In process of being built Priority

                              NKP 2-8-4 S-2​ 765, 763, 759 and 779 - In process of being built
                              PM 2-8-4 N-1​ 1225 and 1223 - In process of being built

                              C&O 4-8-4 J-3-A​ 614
                              C&O 2-8-4 K4 Kanawah

                              RBM&N 4-6-2 G-1 425
                              Reading 4-8-4 T1 2100, 2101, 2102 and 2124

                              NP 4-6-0 328
                              NP 4-8-4 A3-A5

                              SP&S 4-8-4 700

                              CNW 4-6-0 1385
                              CNW 4-8-4

                              MILW 4-6-4 F7
                              MILW 4-4-2 A1
                              MILW 4-8-4 S2
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