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Union Pacific ET45AH 3-Pack cabview issues

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Union Pacific ET45AH 3-Pack

File date: 2024-03-12 19:00:00
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    Union Pacific ET45AH 3-Pack cabview issues

    So yesterday I downloaded the Union Pacific ET45AH 3-Pack (file #88673 I followed the instructions in the readme and downloaded all of the files in the bundle. When I fired it up, there was no cabview, even though I downloaded and installed the cabviews called for. Looking in the cabview file, I noticed all of the files were linked to the wrong folder (ES44v2 instead of ES44v3), so I changed that. Still no cabview. I checked the engine file again to make sure I was pointed at the right cabview file. Nothing wrong there. I'm at a loss as to what to do now. I've just come back after a couple of years letting OR lay while I explored other games. I used to know how to get cabviews working, but with this one, I'm scratching my head. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm suspecting it's going back one too many folders. Here's the CabViewFile entry:
    The Common.Cab folder is only one folder up from the loco's folder. Could that be the problem, or is it something else?

    Edit: Well, nevermind. Apparently that fixed it. I just forgot to test it before I went to bed last night. The only issue I see is the speedo needle is offset to the right.
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    did you create a folder in your trainset folder.


      Yeah. I already had one. I had downloaded everything. I was having problems last night dealing with it. When I changed the cabview .cvf file parameters to point to the ES44v3 folder instead of trying to point to the ES44v2 folder, it worked. I just forgot to test the engine again before I went to bed. I now have a pretty cabview with radio sounds in it.


        Don't recall which thread it was on, and might have been a different cab, but was the same problem. Don't recall that a fix was offered. Seemed to be an OR problem reading the cabview.
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          The problem was that it wanted to point to the ES44v2 folder, which doesn't exist on my machine. Once I pointed it to the right folder, everything worked fine.