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Editing locomotives/reskinning

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    Editing locomotives/reskinning

    Hey there, I just got Open Rails and I bought some stuff on TrainSimulations. I'm curious if there's any way to edit the paint schemes and/or fully reskin the locomotives? What I wanna do right now is to edit the numbers on the MRL GP-9's for i can have more of them, not just the 109 and the 127. Also, is there a way to make a custom horn?
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    Go to

    Search for “steam4me” and you should find at or near the top of the list, clck on it.

    Click on the MSTS link on the left.

    Click on the Tutorials link on the top.

    There are 19 other tutorials in the 'Texturing' section.

    I suggest the 'Re-Skinning / Texturing Models' by Matt Peddesden tutorial would be a good place to start.

    Hope this helps.


      You can renumber simply by exporting the appropriate .ace/.dds file to your paint program, and edit the numbers. Then, resave/export back you new file. You would need to create a new set of shape/.eng and potentially cabview files depending on your needs. Easy just to copy the existing one(s), and edit the new numbers where needed.

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        Thanks guys!


          Someone really needs to archive and host steam4me. It's a great resource.