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Name:	ORTS_GR_DRGW_GP30_3011.png
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ID:	2306153 "Denver and Rio Grande Western GP30 No. 3011 in action."


        Originally posted by Whatever2006 View Post
        As the name of the thread says, this is where I post my renumbering reskins of certain locomotives with specific numbers.

        The first locomotive in the post is DRGW SD40T-2 No. 5345, this is my first renumber reskin I did and exported on my own, the model is from Train Simulations (Streamlines)' DRGW SD40T-2 No. 5364 from the Green River route, with the Green River DRGW SD40T-2 engine upgrade from Pete Abrams and Jeff Auberpine applied. I don't have any plans on releasing it into the file library.

        While it's not the first locomotive I ever did a renumber reskin, that goes to the ATSF B40-8W set that I did with the help of Unoriginal on exporting the texture files, thank you Unoriginal for assisting me there, while I wasn't able to get TGATool2A and AceIt to fully work in exporting Ace files until now.

        I did DRGW 5345 because I got some inspiration on wanting to make it's appearance in Open Rails after watching C Vision Productions' Railroad Film; Denver & Rio Grande Western Vol. 2 where in the timestamp 47:58, the locomotive made its appearance, and I'm glad that I did DRGW 5345.

        Overall, I will post some more stuff here once I some other things sorted out, I got some plans on doing the additional DRGW GP30s.

        Feedback and constructive criticism are welcomed here, and I need to figure out on finding the number fonts that either matches or is close enough to the DRGW number fonts, I need some more practice in doing reskins for Open Rails, I'm still a newbie at it.
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Name:	DRGW_SD40T-2_5345_Side_Left.png
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ID:	2307633 Click image for larger version

Name:	DRGW_SD40T-2_5345_Front_Left.png
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Name:	DRGW_SD40T-2_5345_Front_Right.png
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Name:	DRGW_SD40T-2_5345_Side_Right.png
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ID:	2307632 I redid DRGW SD40T-2 No. 5345, although everything is the same with some small differences being the sizes and adjustment of the Rio Grande Railroad's Roman Number fonts, along with the Conrail styled number board font. I also exported the ace texture files with the no alpha and alpha (no DXT1) with compression setting, and I applied some dithering on the cab side and hood side numbers on the locomotive. Honestly I'm happy with the results and it's an improvement over the first version I made.
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          I will begin the reworking on the other DRGW locomotives that I did, including DRGW 3011, I will begin work on DRGW 5371 and DRGW 5401, then I will work on DRGW 3011. I could make an extra DRGW SD40T-2 but I will find what number I will choose, then continuing with the GP30s (no SD45s for now?).


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Name:	DRGW_SD40T-2_5371_Side_Left.png
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ID:	2307653 Click image for larger version

Name:	DRGW_SD40T-2_5371_Front_Left.png
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Name:	DRGW_SD40T-2_5371_Front.png
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Name:	DRGW_SD40T-2_5371_Front_Right.png
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Name:	DRGW_SD40T-2_5371_Side_Right.png
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ID:	2307652 I redid DRGW 5371 now with the same techniques as before with DRGW 5345.


              The additional DRGW locomotive set's status:

              DRGW SD40T-2 No. 5345 - Done

              DRGW SD40T-2 No. 5371 - Done

              DRGW SD40T-2 No. 5401 - Done, but the textures need some reworking

              DRGW GP30 No. 3011 - Done, but the textures need reworking

              DRGW GP30 No. 3006 - Not done, still haven't started work on it

              DRGW SD40T-2 No.XXXX - Number hasn't been decided yet, still working out on what number to use

              Update: DRGW 5401's textures are reworked now and all of the three additional DRGW SD40T-2s are out in the File Library, the extra SD40T-2 will wait.

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                Click image for larger version  Name:	Open Rails NewYear MG 2024-07-18 05-08-51.png Views:	0 Size:	1.21 MB ID:	2308251 Click image for larger version  Name:	Open Rails NewYear MG 2024-07-18 05-10-12.png Views:	0 Size:	1.23 MB ID:	2308252
                Here's DRGW 5345 in Open Rails New Year MonoGame (which I recently installed and did some session runs with it), I did put in the original light glow texture in the MonoGame version and then I see the issues with my headlight position settings I use on the engine file, so I decide to adjust them to be centered where the bulb of the headlights are located, then I will do a test with Nash's custom light glow textures. I thought of doing a headlight position patch for my copies of the GR DRGW diesel locomotives, I will see how it goes.

                Note: I'm using NAVS' EMD 16-645E3 Engine Sound Set for DRGW 5345, I decide to give the sound set another go and this time, I tinkered with the volume settings in the SMS and see if I like how it turns out or not.
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