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The Hamilton Norfolk-Issues

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    The Hamilton Norfolk-Issues

    I just got back into MSTS and Open Rails and I wanted to download my favorite route back The Hamilton Norfolk, because of me home town (Parkersburg) and I ran into a issue.
    I load into open rails to run the route and I get this...

    An Essential file is missing and open rails cannot continue.
    H:/Train Simulator/routes/Parkersburg/sound/ingame.sms

    I can hear the loco idling in the background but like I said it pops up saying that. Everything helps!

    Parker Atkinson

    You should be able to copy ingame.sms from another route's sound folder and paste it into the Hamilton Norfolk route's Sound folder.

    This issue may be indicative of other issues with the route however, especially if files that were supposed to be copied over from other routes failed to copy (I.E, a batch file didn't work as intended).


      The batch file in the route download is only for C: drive... How do you change the batch file drive?


        The installme.bat is for any drive, but Hamilton Norfolk must be in the MSTS Routes folder with all default routes present for it to work.
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          The way I deal with routes that copy files from the original MSTS/Kuju 6 routes is to keep a zip file of the 6 routes handy. I then unzip it into the ROUTES directory where I am going to install the new route, then run the routes install batch file, then delete the 6 original routes once I have everything working. They take up about 1 GB so I usually delete them.