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The CSX Indy Sub coming soon to TS

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    The CSX Indy Sub coming soon to TS

    I'm not talking about Bruce Bridge's route. I'm working on a fresh new route similar to it, except it'll be modern, and it's gonna have more extensions. I am gonna release early versions of it if I can, but they'll be private. Here are some screenshots below :
    Open Rails 2021-10-12 03-18-32.jpg
    Open Rails 2021-10-12 03-20-22.jpg
    Open Rails 2021-10-12 03-21-56.jpg
    Open Rails 2021-10-12 03-25-52.jpg
    As you can see, the route is unfinished. Most of the route is just track, and almost all of it is green. It's gonna take a while to do, especially with all of the spurs, hills, and stuff. Also, If you want to help me with the route, just DM me on Discord (crazybooster1000#0901).

    It'll also include the Belt Junction part, which I completed today (at least, part of it).
    CSX Indy Screenshot 36.jpg