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Midwest Mega Route 2023

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    I have decided to take a break from route building and switch to helping out the Open Rails team with model building, testing and development in the Steam Locomotive department.

    There is a small group of us helping Peter out who is doing the coding and more developments will be announced as time progresses on that subject.

    Just thought I would let everyone know if you don't hear anything about my section of the route for awhile.



      Just like I told Shawn the other day, it's good to take a break for a couple of months and go do something totally different.
      If you like what you see here at, be it the discussions and knowledge in the forums, items saved in our library or the ongoing development of our TSRE Fork, I hope you'll consider a paid membership to help support keeping the site operating.... Thanks!


        I agree but watch out I may be coming in hot with some new steam locomitives if I ever get the time to finish them up!


          Finally got a long enough weekend away from driving a truck to get some rest and then put my nose to the grindstone and work on the Metra Rock Island District. Obviously there is still a LONG way to go, but I feel like a made a decent effort this weekend on heavily urban areas of scenery in the Englewood area of the route.

          Don't tell me the sky's the limit, when there's footsteps on the moon..