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Multiple Scale Rail Track textures for one route

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    Multiple Scale Rail Track textures for one route

    For years I have been curious if there was a way to have multiple track textures for Scale Rail? Since Scale Rail comes in multiple colors and there are different switch stands it would sure be nice to be able to use multiple track textures and switch stands for one route. Is there any way of accomplishing this?


    Hi Brandon,

    You could copy the shapes - open them and change the called texture name.

    This probably violates the EULA though if you plan to distribute.

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      Yeah that was the only thing that I was worried about but it sure would be nice to have different track textures depending on the railroad you are running on if it is multiple railroads in one route that use different looking track and ballast.


        You can have two textures if you have one for the W shapes and one for the C shapes, with different switch stands for each. On my route, I use the W shapes for the CNW, and the C shapes for the Milwaukee Road.

        Another option is to use a ties-only texture, and use a berm underneath to reflect the different ballast styles, or terrain painting in TSRE.
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