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    SoCal route

    Ever since i have that route, i have run a lot of trains going in many directions, even creating some paths. I did run passengers trains to and out of LAUPT, but they are all ATSF south to San Diego or east to Barstow. Since that route also has ex-Southern Pacific north, i am looking to run SP passengers too. In doing some research, i found some SP and UP timetables indicating trains going east. So, i did some exploring with Google Earth.

    What I understand from the timetables is that out of LAUPT, SP was going east on its old Colton Sub to Colton, crossing with ATSF there. And i did the same for UP, trains going to and out over their Los Angeles Sub to West Riverside were it joins ATSF. Both Colton and West Riverside being already in the route.

    Now, using TrackViewer and TSRE, i tried to follow the SP and UP subs, and i saw that nothing was done between LAUPT and Colton for SP and mostly nothing for UP between LAUPT and West Riverside. Seems to me that some terrain is there, but i cannot find the height of it and if it is the real terrain or close to it. With Google Earth, I also saw that there are branches from the SP and UP lines, so more to add.

    One thing i did was to create the tiles in the quadtree using MSTS, all the tiles between the SP and ATSF/BNSF subs, the UP being in the middle of them.

    I need some advice, please, on how to check if the terrain is for real and lift it to the good level, or, if not for real, how can I import the real terrain for those subs.



    If you're looking to expand the route's footprint, HGT terrain is fairly easy to import and is reasonably close for most purposes outside the mountains. Where I've used it, the accuracy is pretty good but the resolution is admittedly lower than what we used to get with DEM.

    Using the "Geo" (F3) tab and "Load Height", TSRE will tell you if the file it needs is missing. There are multiple places where you can find the files using Google.

    All that said...... I loaded the HGT at LAUPT, and it was 6m higher than the terrain used for the route. So.... you might need to apply an offset when importing terrain.
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      Thank you Eric for your reply...I am importing and using the HGT files and it is working perfectly for the Colton sub, seems that there is no adjustments to do so far.

      Great help!!!