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Metra Rock Island District

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    Metra Rock Island District

    As part of the split up of the midwest mega route into more manageable sections, the first section I'm working on down on the Chicago end of the Line is the Metra Rock Island District. Physical work on the route has slowed considerably as I havent gotten more proficient in the use of Blender thanks in no small part to Pete Willard. Currently I've created several custom objects with many more to go. Here are several of the objects I'm working on for this route.

    First up is the custom concrete bridge shape i've made for the CTA sections of the route. I've made it with the autoplacement feature of TSRE in mind with it being made in both 1 track and 2 track sections in 5m, 10m, and 20m sections.

    Next is the Sox-35th Metra station. This is one of the objects that still needs a LOT of work, mainly with texturing.

    And finally, what will probably be the single most time consuming and laborious object in the route, the CTA Green Line 59th street bridge over I-90/94. This is what I'm (unaffectionately) calling the double overpass as it appears to me at least to be a bridge built on a bridge. Here is the actual structure, with a shot of the early stages of the support columns in Blender.

    A few notes about the route. While the CTA tracks will be in place for the most part and very much usable, accuracy was sacrificed as the CTA tracks are primarily meant for AI-traffic only. It also goes without saying for anyone who knows anything about this line, that it is very Metra-centric especially considering Metra outright owns the line and there is very little in the way of freight traffic outside of CSX and Iowa Interstate trackage rights trains. In fact, the only freight yard on the line itself is Iowa Interstate's Blue Island yard though NS Englewood is also modeled. Beyond those two yards, freight sidings and yards will only be included where it can directly be seen from the Metra line.
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    I used to ride all the time the Lake/ Dan Ryan (now Red line) to 95th and State to catch CTA route 104 Pullman in the 1970's. The structures are varying and quite the problem with building a route for the nearby Rock Island district. The stations alone are unique. Good luck with your efforts. I looked through my saved sites that would help, and their gone, such as Chicago Rail Junctions and the RI Technical and Historical Society.


      Awesome work Sir!
      Cory Duguid