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CP River and BNSF St Croix Subs

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    CP River and BNSF St Croix Subs

    Hey everyone,

    I first want to say Happy New Year and hope we all have a great 2024!

    My friend Josh and I have decided to break up our Midwest mega route into sections and release them as individual routes! This will not only save time but also allow us to focus on sections of the route and release them individually for ones who would like to download/explore them separately.

    I will be making different threads for each section so it will be easier to update everyone on portions of the route I am working on. This thread will obviously be about the CP now CPKC and BNSF down the Mississippi River. The lines parallel each other the whole way so it only made sense to keep them in one route.

    The route will stretch from St Paul to La Crosse, WI and include the yards in St Paul, MN and La Crosse, WI. It will also include all of the Amtrak stations from that stretch of railroad as well so you will be able to run the Amtrak Empire Builder down the river.

    My main goal coming into 2024 is getting the rest of the tracks and roads finished on both the CP and BNSF sides of the river along with some more scenery.

    Currently both the CP and BNSF sides of the river have all of the track work completed other then St Paul Pigs Eye Yard and the yards down in La Crosse, WI. Many of the roads are also finished on the CP side of the river but the BNSF side does not have any scenery or roads at this moment in time.


    I think that is the most intelligent plan you both have come up with during this whole journey. Good luck to you both.

    Chicago Railroading Fan


      So Here is a very detailed map of the route that I will be covering just to give everyone an idea of the scope of this project. ​Now I have been on these routes multiple times and know the lines very well so I will be making them as accurate as I possibly can.

      Think of this as a two for one route!

      The routes will be based from the late 90s to present day so you will be able to run BN, BNSF, CP, SOO, some MILW and CPKC power along with the Amtrak Empire Builder.

      I did not forget about the steam fans either as multiple steam locomotives have ran on these routes as well including CP 2816, MILW 261, SP 4449, and NP 328 to name a few.


      Click image for larger version  Name:	River-Sub-Map.jpg Views:	0 Size:	239.8 KB ID:	2293166
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