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The DBTracks website is not working at the moment

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    The DBTracks website is not working at the moment

    So, I am using DBTracks for an OpenRails route project I dabble with from time to time. And today I went to download something from the site.

    Turns out the site has become broken sometime within the last two weeks.

    The domain has not expired yet and the webserver is running. However, it is not serving any files at all including the website itself.

    This goes for both domains ( and

    Does anyone know who to contact about this?

    I know that Norbert sadly isn't here anymore, but there must be someone else running the site.

    Tried sending an email to the contact email address that was listed on the site. And my email just bounced back with a message that the mailbox is unavailable.

    Would really be a shame if the site does not come back online.

    try the new default tracks that was made by eric.


      It is now possible to load the DBTracks and USTracks from my site.
      The Train Community, seit 2002 die Nr.1 rund um das Thema Eisenbahnsimulation mit der größten Downloaddatenbank für Train Simulatoren im Deutschen Raum.

      Greetings Jan​


        Thanks for reuploading Jan, it is much appreciated.

        If anyone needs it, all of the tutorials and instructions from the site are archived on the Wayback Machine: