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South American Route

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    South American Route

    I just got a message from a lad in Brazil indicating that he had done a route I was considering. Since he put no restrictions on the message I guess anyone can download it. If you are interested look back at the MSTS routes forum and the newest entry should be my reply to "Virtual Trens". He has a link to a YouTube video and then at that point there is a download link for the route which seems to be hosted on a gamer server. It is a .RAR file nearly 7G in size and my Comcast cable system took a little over 2 hours to down load it. It is worth the effort as he includes some new MRS Logistica equipment with much better detail than what has been in the library for 15 years or so. I have asked him if I can fix up a specification sheet and put the information in the library to allow downloading it. I have track charts for the route and while they are in Portuguese, the meanings are pretty obvious.

    Gee, maybe Eric will have to set up a Brazil route category.

    This is a rather extensive route. The area that is completely detailed out covers about 190 KM from Patio P1-7 south to Bom Jardine de Minas which is at the north end of the longest tunnel in S.A. The track extends through the tunnel and ends about 1/2K from the south end. There are many tunnels and long viaducts even though the rise and fall of the terrain is not that great. This MRS line was built from scratch in the 1980s by a consortium of ore companies who wanted to move the iron ore to the transloader at the Alantic Ocean quickly and cheaply as most of it is for export. We concluded in our preliminary signal design work that "Patio" essentially means "Siding".

    One issue I see that may be a problem is that there is a lot of objects that start with 3DTS--- which means they were extracted from 3DTS routes and thus could violate copyrights. Problems with that are unusual as long as the source is footnoted.

    J. H. Sullivan(landnrailroader) Click image for larger version

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    May I, respectfully, point out that the TRAINSET folder contains several SLI and TS folders. I have randomly checked three shape files and they are identical with those originally supplied by Streamlines/Trainsimulations.

    I couldn't find any readme so don't know if permission was granted.




      I am thinking the same thing. Probably I should ask the creator to take down the route unless he has permission. If I had done it myself from scratch, I would have used the MRS equipment that is in the library. That was crude but based on stuff that was in the MSTS box when you first bought it in 2001 or so. The way he sent me the link is out in the open so anyone could use it. Otherwise I would have just kept it for myself. Run it though, it is a interesting route. On the whole line of about 400KM there are more than 50 tunnels and long viaducts. This route covers around 190Km.

      I just sent the author a private message about the matter.

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        They include a nice 3d cab, but no way to implement easily on to a model.


          There is a little curiosity in that in one of the locomotives, when you use the arrow keys and view 1 you see BNSF skin when you look back. But if you use view 4 and watch the train pass the locomotive skin is MRS?