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BNSF Flagstaff turn

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    BNSF Flagstaff turn

    Anther modded activity run from this past weekend. Stock SLI activity with timings adjusted and lots more AI added.

    Power in the yard at Winslow. Set is an SD75I - SD60M - SD75M.

    Departing Winslow.

    1st EB AI meet is an empty windmill blade train with an NS heritage unit in the consist.

    Shape mod, not an alpha job, to shed the windmill parts.

    2nd EB AI meet is this empty tanker train.

    3rd EB AI meet is an autorack train with a fresh swoosh SD40-2 on the point.

    Entering the siding at Canyon Diablo with traffic approaching in both directions. Signal has come in for the 4th EB AI running on the autoracks yellows.

    Soon after stopping in the siding the 4th EB AI shoots through.

    High green for the WB AI that is overtaking me.

    My Open Rails videos

    The hot UPS Z train comes screaming by.

    I get the signal to come out and follow the Z, so while I am on the throttle and regaining my track speed, it is safe to jump ahead and camera-follow the Z train until it meets the 5th EB AI, a manifest.

    Riding with the manifest back towards it's meet with my train.

    Some shots of the next guy approaching me from behind, an S train with 3x1 power. Its funny how I slog upgrade at 25 mph or so dealing with gradients and curvatures and resistance, but these AI's approaching from behind just smoke right along catching up to me repeatedly, courtesy of the AI computer.

    A thorn in the side for the Z train ahead of me is this domestic S train, which is the 6th EB AI, approaching on the Z's north track.

    The S has an approach signal to make a crossover move at West Darling, where the Z ahead of me will be waiting a tad, allowing me to catch some of his bad signals.

    My Open Rails videos


      Stuck Z in the foreground at West Darling, approaching S in the background.

      Hard yellow for me on the distant signal to East Darling. Track monitor shows a red for me at East Darling, with the West Darling meet between stacks ahead accomplished and everyone moving out.

      On the approach to East Darling, I finally meet the offending S train now on the south track.

      After the oncoming S clears East Darling, the DS is quick to line me over to the south track to get out me of the way of the S riding my yellows.

      By the time I get to West Darling the dispatcher has already cleared the interlocking both of us, double-barrel style. I need to be on the south track here, as access to the yard that I need to make my drop in is only accessible from the south track and there are no additional crossovers between the two points.

      Slowly and surely, the guy that was running behind me begins to overtake me. Speed differential is about 10 mph, me limited by physics, he limited by speed limits, so it takes some time to accomplish the moving overtake.

      My Open Rails videos



        The only thing missing here is a green SD40-2 switching cars. I need to add some green to this activity.

        My Open Rails videos


          Excellent work.

          Chicago Railroading Fan


            Nice job. Do you plan on upgrading and fortifying many of their other activities?


              Wow, that is fantastic. Love all of the AI traffic.