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NS 327 on Dundas

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    NS 327 on Dundas

    I did up yet another activity to really test out how well Open Rails handles odd operational behavior that sometimes happens over here in North America. Last nite, I was running an NS 327 autoparts train on the Dundas route. I added a twist of the lead unit losing its horn, thus requiring the complex interlockings of Hamilton Jct, Hamilton West, and Bayview to be used in order to give the power set a spin, putting my trailing unit on the point. Through trial and error, I was successful with a few behavioral caveats, namely, I needed to change operating cabs while temporarily off-path. If I spun the power, got it back on the path, and then changed cabs, it screwed up the signal system and the approaching VIA train 82 that I was waiting on, would be coming down the escarpment grade with restricting indications and a 15 mph speed limit instead of its normal 60 mph, which screwed up downstream meets. Also when re-coupling and pumping the air to restore the train line, there were additional brake hose disconnections showing on cars that never parted, and the EOT 'angle cock state' was backwards, open at the rear and closed at the front. I needed to change both ends of that 'car' or else I would ave been dragging the EOT around in Emergency. It was as if the consist orientation flip that came as a result of the power spin had additional cars at the ends of the freight car consist operationally 'backwards' once re-coupled.

    I maintained auto mode until arriving at Hamilton West, then I changed to manual and went 'off script'

    I left my cars short of Hamilton Jct on the Grimsby sub.

    At Hamilton West, I was crossed over to the north track for headroom as a downhill VIA had been given the south track at Copetown Interlocking and the CTC would not allow me to go head-first onto it's track into it's authority. This was simply easier than waiting for Copetown Interlocking to time down, so the DS could get that segment back.

    In manual control now, and after changing the one switch manually via the dispatcher screen, I [SHFT] [TAB] to get the signals behind me to upgrade.

    Backing back through the crossover and down towards Bayview.

    At Bayview I have to hold up as the DS has now given both tracks to westward trains, so I have no track for headroom there yet.

    Both tracks outbound from Toronto given to westbounds.

    After 5 minutes, a freight arrives and turns the corner.

    My Open Rails videos

    While the freight is passing, Amtrak's train 64, the Maple Leaf to New York, passes by on the south track heading for the Grimsby sub and eventually the US.

    I camera-follow Amtrak 64 from Bayview to Hamilton Jct, to watch it slide by my orphaned cars.

    I used the delay at Bayview to switch operating cabs. Oddly, even though the CR unit is now the leader, I still have to ask for signal permission as if the NS unit was still my leader. So in this case, to proceed forward through Bayview interlocking, I needed to [SHFT] [TAB] instead of just [TAB], which would be the normal course of action when signals are ahead.

    Once I got east of the westward signal at Bayview, the signal permission thing was still reversed, so instead of [SHFT] [TAB] to get the signal behind the Conrail leader to clear, I simply [TAB] to get the signal to clear. Open rails is still behaving like the NS unit is still the leader.

    Once re-coupled to my cars, I noticed the car listing in the F9 Train Operations window begins with car 49, the EOT. So since I am back on path now, I quickly cycle from Manual to Auto to Manual again, and the car listing in the F9 Train Operations window is now correct again. I needed to be back on path to cycle the manual/auto mode, could not do that while off-path. Even though the direction in the Train Ops window corrects, the cars at both extreme ends of the consist have their angle cocks and brake hoses still backwards, so it requires a few more manual steps with those specific cars to get the air pumping again and not leave anything being dragged in Emergency.

    At Hamilton West, I get stuck waiting on the VIA 82, which I should have made it across ahead of if I didn't have to spin the power. This is the train which was extremely delayed by bad signals if I changed cabs while on path, but here it is moving track speed. By now I am back into Auto mode.

    My Open Rails videos


      Finally reached the top of the hill at Copetown. Under player control, Run 8 on the throttle produced a top speed of 22-30 mph ascending the grade. When in Autopilot, the train exceeded well over 40 MPH going up the grade. ??????

      Approaching Lynden, I pass an eastbound stack train.

      East of Brantford at Masseys interlocking, we face a little single-tracking around a local working on the south track. We are held for the Laser.

      My Open Rails videos


        On the move again.

        Between Brantford and Paris, we pass VIA 70, the train out of Windsor, running about 20 minutes off it's schedule.

        Slow speed through Paris.

        Passing an ethanol train just east of Princeton.

        Passing a manifest on the approach to Ingersoll.

        My Open Rails videos


          Looks great,love your route changes too.


            How wonderful to finally see a simulator that can handle such changes initiated by the user in between all the AI traffic going every which way.