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It Never Rains in Southern California

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    Uncle E
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      Last night / this morning, we took the ZNPLA west with one of "Miss Katy's" leading.

      Leaving Arden, we had the MNPWC following us out of town.

      Stretching out legs out at Balch.

      Afton Canyon

      Met a grain empty at Toomey, he's waiting on both of us.

      Arrived into Yermo in record time! Ready for the outbound to go the rest of the way to LA.



        This morning's run was the ILASC galloping across the desert.

        Pumping the brakes up at Yermo to depart.

        Approaching Manix, I-15 follows the mainline for about 10 miles outside of Yermo.

        Afton Canyon, someone is having an early morning bonfire.

        Near Erie.

        Held for one at Sloan before coming down to Arden for the recrew.



          My last run on Cima Sub for the time being was this hefty loaded coal train, CUWLX. 15000 tons over Cima Sub is not an easy task, particularly keeping to speed restrictions down the 2.2%+ grade from Cima to Kelso.

          Also, this will be my wrap up of the Summertime routes that I've been running since mid-May. Its been an absolute blast running the heart out of both Jeff Farquhar routes in the Trainsim File Library. The "Summer of Farquhar" has truly been a memorable one.

          I started this thread by a reference to Albert Hammond's one hit wonder. Who would I be to not round this thread out with another sound ubiquitous with the SoCal region, Tom Petty...

          It's time to move on, time to get going

          What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing

          But under my feet, baby, grass is growing

          It's time to move on, it's time to get going



            Originally posted by ekeating View Post
            This evening, got "called" for an M-WCNPB to Arden.

            Getting ready to pull from Yermo.

            Near Field siding, the sun starting to set.

            Approaching Afton Canyon, like the sign says!

            Meeting one at Joshua siding.

            Into Arden under darkness. Time to get some sleep!

            So I gotta ask, is that distance counter in the locomotive's HUD functional? Because I've been waiting forever for OpenRails to get a functional distance counter.
            Sean Summer
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              Not functional on the cab screen, but OR has had an odometer for well over 5 years now. It functions as an on-screen distance counter that can be seen in all cab views (even outside ones). The counter starts rolling as your train begins to move and keeps accumulating as it goes on rolling.

              SHFT Z toggles the display on/off and CTRL Z resets it to 0. You can reset it anytime without having the counter visible on the screen. If you know your train length, hit reset upon passing the measurement start point and then at your leisure bring the counter up on the screen.
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