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    B&O Action

    Recently I had a chance to download Tyler Bundy's B&O and C&O locomotives. I must say, they are fantastic.

    Here we see them on a route that has never seen the light of day as of yet. A route I actually started a decade ago and
    have been off and on building.

    Here we see them in the Chillicothe area of my B&O Ohio Division route. As of right now this is more of a personal route.
    As I have never been fully satisfied with some of the work. This route really got off the production table for several reasons
    over the years. This route was planned as a Parkersburg to Cincinnati route, I suppose it still is.

    Way back I dabbled in signal script combining so 3 sets are in here, also first started in model construction and that shows in a very early model of DO Tower.

    1st pic shows some chessie power floating across the NW and B&O Diamond past "DO Tower".
    the last 2 pics show B&O blue power during a test run floating east bound across 2nd Street in Chillicothe.
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    M. Payne

    Nice looking route. Maybe someday you will release it.


      I would love to, but it does need some work.

      Right now in terms of scenery it is has scenery from Chillicothe to Parkersburg with work still needing done at Parkersburg.

      Scenery is in 20 miles west of Chillicothe ( the division point on the route ), with it needing to be completed to Cincinnati.

      Years ago, I made a route of Chillicothe I was planning release and expand in updates. But that got dashed when my HD crashed.
      I had sent out a copy to a friend to test and look over I couldn't get back a copy as a starting point. As he never did ( or was unwilling)
      to send me that copy.

      That kind of stalled things.

      Once I get things settled out, this route has a good chance to see the light of day. We have the west end, but not the Ohio Division yet.
      It would compliment it, then all we would need is a Parkersburg Branch.
      M. Payne


        Very nice shots of an often-overlooked and now abandoned corridor. Bringing abandoned back to life is what V-scale is for.


          That's exactly why I choose V scale for this, and I could not agree more.

          The route itself is very undulating just like the prototype. It keeps me very busy keeping speed up. A few good pulls up decent grades like Torch Hill, out of Chillicothe etc. It definitely keeps me attentive to the controls.
          M. Payne