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Disappearing of tracks, locomotive, coaches

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    Disappearing of tracks, locomotive, coaches

    Hello sir/mam

    I have a problem with my msts that if I play any activity the scenery is disappearing,
    Some thanks are visible and some tracks are not visible, the locomotive, coaches are not visible if I press 2 or 3 or any camera key rather than 1 .if I press 1 the cabi is visible but if I press any of the camera key my train is not visible . So what i do I don't know anything I have uninstalled that install the game 3 times but it haven't solved

    If you have any solution to this please help me

    We're going to need a little bit more information than what you've given us. Are you running orts or msts? What route?

    If you have orts, you might want to try attaching the log file as a zip attachment here and you may have the answer inside that file.

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      >>> the scenery is disappearing,

      This sounds like you have 'Automatically Tune Settings to Keep Performance Level' checked?

      But for exact cause be sure 'Logging' is checked on the OR Opening screen and an error log will be placed on your desktop.
      Plesase zip & attach the log to your next post so we can help. thnx,

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