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TSRE5 Shape Viewer not working correctly.

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    TSRE5 Shape Viewer not working correctly.

    TSRE Version: Latest 0.698.1 x64
    Windows Version: Windows 7 SP1
    System Type: x64

    I am having a couple of problem with TSRE5. I have all the folders organized, appdata is in there and everything is there. Even, most of my shapes look fine in TSRE5.

    But some shapes do not have transparent windows. I don't know why. When I play it in Open Rails, the shape views perfectly fine. Is this a bug and is there any way to fix it? I am hoping for a "Thanks a lot" solution.

    Some Shapes transparancy problem?

    Possibly the shapes are defective?

    Posting one or two of the problem shapes along with all the required texture files would be helpful in solving your problem.
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      I don't think so.. I myself checked the shape files but there are no errors. Even MSTS Shape Fix did not find any errors. Also in the widely used Shape Viewer (I think by Paul Gausden) it works fine. And also, I want to state that along with the transparency problem, some coaches interiors are not showing from outside. When I go inside the shape using up arrow key the interior is there.
      !! In OR the shapes work perfect !!


        I am giving you the zip names. Because I'm afraid I have to deal with copyright issues. Thanks.

        1. [Transparency problem]
        2. [Interior problem]


          Hi basically my main problem is the second one.. INTERIORS! The bogies and all the other things except the interior show up. The transparency is not gone in "". If you rotate the shape correctly, the alpha still works. I can see the bogie parts. But not the interiors.