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How to Scroll Along Consists Using TSRE?

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    How to Scroll Along Consists Using TSRE?

    Running TSRE consist builder. I'm wanting to replace locomotives within an existing consist.

    Selected the existing consist in TSRE, and made it a "clone" via the drop down menu in TSRE.

    I've successfully replaced the lead locomotives within the consist, but there are other locomotives within the consist that need to be replaced also. The other locomotives are further along within the consist and are not presently displayed within TSRE. It requires either scrolling to the right, or jumping to the right within TSRE to find and then select the locomotives to be replaced.

    I've tried the keyboard arrow keys and tried using the mouse (left and right clicking also) but can't seem to scroll along the consist!?

    So how do you scroll along the consist?


    Scroll bar along the bottom.
    The contrast isn't the greatest.


      Thanks for the quick reply!

      I didn't see the scroll bar at the bottom, at first. Then I realized that TSRE window was not maximized, which meant that the scroll bar was not visible!

      I've now maximized TSRE window and can now see and use the scroll bar!

      Thanks again!


        The longer your train then the worse the contrast gets. So,if you want to swap out a particular company car towards the end it might be hard to pick up those details. Brian


          Noted. Thank you.


            Another nice feature: On the top menu bar, click View and select "Consist Units"--this opens a list of the units in the consist. Find the one that you want on the list and click it. You still have to use the scroll bar to scroll through the viewable rendering of the consist, but the selected unit will be highlighted with the red outline box. The consist list also has clickable boxes to move the item back or forward in the consist, flip it, or delete it.