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Not all .inc files load

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    Not all .inc files load

    A typical .wag file of mine (embedded blanks are NOT in my file but are here after doing a copy/paste; WTF?):


    Wagon ( XM_CNJ_20375_MT
    WagonShape ( CNJ_USRA_20375.s )
    FreightAnim ( usra_ss_50xm_parts.s 1 1 1 )
    Include ( "..\\Common.Inc\\Models\\Tim_Muir\\USRA_SS_Box car\ \" )
    Include ( "..\\\\Fleet\\Approved\\Std_Type_D_C oupl" )
    Include ( "..\\\\Fleet\\Approved\\Single_Pipe_ AB_B" )
    Include ( "..\\\\Fleet\\Approved\\Std_Cast_Iro n_Br" )
    Sound ( "genfreightwag2.sms" )
    Name ( "XM 40' CNJ USRA_SS 20375 MT" )

    The first Include statement loads but not any of those that follow it.


    Here is a .inc file (not part of the above .wag). Note the value of Mass90 (in bold):

    Comment ( )

    comment ( "Part 2A and 2B are parameters based on presence or absence of a load. " )
    comment ( "Parameters for an empty car belong in an file." )
    comment ( "Parameters for a loaded car belong in a Lading Name file." )

    comment ( "Part 2A - parameters based on presence or absence of a load." )
    Mass ( 51.9738t-us )
    CentreOfGravity ( 0m 1.9m 0m )
    DerailRailForce ( 117.8765kN )
    DerailBufferForce ( 392.2992kN )
    ORTSDavis_A ( 183.5659lbf )
    ORTSDavis_B ( 2.3388lbf/mph )
    ORTSDavis_C ( 0.0613lbf/mph^2 )

    comment ( "Part 2B - Unsupported parameters based on presence or absence of a load." )
    LadingName ( "Animal feed" )
    LadingWeight ( 30.1088t-us )​

    Here is what I see in the Consist editor.

    The value of Mass() as seen below is data from the first .inc file. The .inc I posted, above is the contents of the second .inc file. You can see that value of Mass(), brakes, and couplers below, only the first .inc file was read.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	gn.jpg Views:	0 Size:	67.7 KB ID:	2303458
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    Dave Nelson
    Seldom visiting, posting less often that that.

    I'll look, but it's also possible the other values are being read but only the first are being applied.
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