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    New Route Editor

    Hi. I'm working on new route editor for msts and Open Rails:
    Always new version: NEW VERSION -> http://www.elvastowe...post__p__229639 Older -> EXE IS ONLY AN UPDAT...

    I think not everyone have an account on elvastower forum so here is some info:

    I did signals, so here is new version. It has insane amount of new features. None of them is finished, but I think it is lots of fun.

    Warning window is serious, so make backup!

    ================================================== ===============================================
    Before using it, look into settings.txt file:

    usenNumPad = true
    If you have notebook, keyboard with no numpad or you do not want use numpad - set this to false.

    Default settings are optimized for SSD. If you have HDD you may change these two values.
    maxObjLag = 10
    Number of new loading threads/frame. IMO, for HDD best 2. Lower value for older HDD and CPU, higher for SSD and better CPU
    allowObjLag = 1000
    As above. Lower value may be better for HDD. Higher value increases loading speed on start.

    tileLod = 2
    Tile view distance. 0 = 1x1 tiles, 1 = 3x3 tiles, 2 = 5x5 tiles etc.
    objectLod = 3000
    View distance in meters. tileLod = objectLod/2000 required.
    Default for MSTS RE is tileLod = 1, objectLod = 2000

    warningBox = true
    Set to false if you want to hide it.

    gameRoot = C:/train simulator
    Set gameRoot to your MSTS/OR directory.

    ================================================== ===============================================

    1. Download:
    2. Unzip
    3. Run TSRE5.exe

    Now you can see my useless console

    ================================================== ===============================================
    Controls in Editor:

    AWSD, mouse - move
    arrows (if numpad enabled) - move
    Q, space - move up
    E, shift - move faster

    F1 - object tools
    F2 - terrain tools
    R - rotation tool
    T - translation tool
    Y - resize tool (works only with transfer objects and dynamic tracks)
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 - use tool R/T/Y ( if numpad enabled )
    arrows, pgup, pgdown - use tool R/T/Y ( if numpad disabled )
    Ctrl - change step
    P - pick placement settings from selected object
    C - clone object
    X - change track end (use before Z)
    Z - insert into TDB
    F - adjust terrain to track object
    Delete - delete object
    [terrain heightmap]
    Z - paint heightmap +/-
    M - save
    B - create new tile at current position
    0 - (zero) delete old and create new paths

    Amount of features is so huge I have no time to make 'how to' instruction now

    ================================================== ===============================================
    What works:

    It is hard to say what works. Everything that is in MSTS RE works to some degree.
    Terrain tools are most awesome, I think.

    Interactives support:
    r -read, s - save, v - view, ok - fully supported

    signalitem ok
    platformitem ok
    sidingitem ok
    carspawneritem ok
    emptyitem ok
    pickupitem ok
    crossoveritem rvs
    levelcritem rvs
    speedpostitem rvs
    hazzarditem rvs
    soundregionitem rs

    Also performance is vastly improved.

    ================================================== ===============================================

    Do not complain about not working buttons etc. Amount of new features I added is really huge and it will take some time to finish them all (it is now 20k lines of code). Also nothing is tested so everything may crash editor or damage your route.

    Thank you for your hard work and time spent, looks fantastic!
    Good luck with the rest of your project.
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    Chicago Railroading Fan


      This is awesome. I can finally get back to building the MEC Mountain Division route.

      And now maybe the Rutland Island Line from Burlington to Alburg.
      -Shawn K-
      Derby Rail Shops
      Maine Central Mountain Division: 20% Track, 10% Scenery.


        A new route editor! Tremendous! I hope you'll include an Undo function. I often accidentally delete or rotate things.
        Steve Dunham
        Drexel Hill, PA


          Steve - great idea. Can't tell you how many times I have wished for that.

          Chicago Railroading Fan


            Any progress reports?
            Andy Hockin
            Maple Leaf Tracks


              Last post at ET was 12/01 which he said he had paused development.


                That's a shame then. Trying to get back up to speed with the RE after a ten year or so gap is like having a tooth filled without a local anesthetic - painful!

                Hopefully the chap can be persuaded to resume development.


                  New version has lots of new features, including DEM data import and in editor map preview:

                  Last edited by GokuMK; 02-24-2016, 01:18 PM.


                    Simply incredible ! Is the download for the new updated version the same one that is below on the page here?
                    - Mark -


                      No, you need to download this version:

                      And next:

                      If someone wants check out these two new amazing features, here is new exe file:


                      Paste it into older version.

                      Maps works for any place in the world.
                      Hgt files needs to be downloaded manually.
                      Add new line in settings.txt file and replace with path to your hgt files:
                      geoPath = F:/hgst
                      More info on elvas forum.


                        Really loving this new route editor ! Great job. I got one question though. When I lay down switches, the points dont move when I throw the switch in Open Rails. Is there something I am doing wrong ?


                          I think it could be some king of bug. Maybe wrong flags.
                          If confirmed, I'll fix it.


                            In Route Riter try Correct Stuck Points under the MSTS File Utils tab to correct these stuck switches.


                              Good create a new route
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