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    Originally posted by GokuMK View Post
    TSRE has no permission to write in C:\Program Files (x86).
    Move your content to other location or run TSRE as administrator.
    That fixed it, thanks!!
    Sean Summer
    CEO of Blue Ridge Mountains Machine works.


      New update:

      - signal angle fix.
      TSRE was creating signals with wrong angle in third signal value in TDB. (-angle instead of angle). It may cause signals placed with TSRE to not work properly.*
      I didn't spot this bug earlier because TSRE and MSTS RE use second signal TDB value for rotating signals, not the third. TSRE now use third value, so you can use new version to see if old signals are "broken".
      * don't know if OR uses third value, or like MSTS RE second value.

      - set miles/kilometers in speedpost settings
      - speedpost/milepost angle fix.
      Similar bug like in signals.

      Placing speedpost in proper direction now works like placing signals - use "flip" button:


      - new, easier interface for linking signals
      How to use:
      1. Click 'link' button.
      2. Click 'set link' button.
      3. Click on track (siding for example) you want to link the signal. Signal is linked to junction you clicked closer. In the future I will make it even more resistant to linking errors.

      - new textureQuality value in settings.txt
      if you have low amount of ram and TSRE out of memory crashes, you can set
      textureQuality = 2
      textureQuality = 4
      or even higher values for much lower memory usage and better performance.

      - edit soundregion properties, flip direction

      - fixed dynamicTrack bugs.


      - collideObject properties
      - edit collideFlags
      - support for snapable objects

      How to use:
      1. enable "Stick To Target"
      2. select "Snapable" target
      3. If you want to see snapable points, you can enable "View->Snapable Points"
      4. Place new object near snapable point. It will be adjusted to adjacent shape.


        @Goku. One suggestion: the slider for the object selection is very hard to see ( black on black) Could you use a little bit more visible colour for the slider?

        One question: is it possible to determine the height of the terrain-mesh at a certain point somehow, when the pointer is hovering at that point? I know, I can move the camera to the terrain surface and then read the height, but that's sometimes quite impractical. Knowing which height the mouse-pointer is would be the easy way.
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          New update:

          - enable/disable "camera stick to terrain" mode in settigns menu

          - undo for terrain height editing
          - undo for terrain texture painting
          - undo for object position and rotation
          - undo for object remove

          - support for route specific global tsection.dat in openrails directory. New tsection.dat parser.
          - bug fix when .w files with file name with spaces was broken after save.
          - now pointer position is visible in navi window, so can measure terrain heights etc.

          Version 0.665 also includes Undo for TDB in code*, but it is disabled for now, because it introduces high risk for objects and tdb out of sync errors into TSRE. That is why I don't like not perfect undo - at first it looks better than no undo, but if used not wisely, can easy damage route.
          *on the other hand this feature is very useful if someone delete track by mistake and can undo TDB. So if someone wants to use this dangerous feature, here is version with it enabled:

          Not recommended update:

          - undo for Track Database


            Dear Goku

            Dear Goku,

            greetings from Björn, Jörgen aka Fridgemaster and myself, Michael aka Mikban in scandinavia.

            Between the three of us, we've been using your TSRE editor for more than 2000 hours.
            I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to you for the wonderful work you've done thus far.

            Despite being only a beta version, your editor has stalled but twice, in total. Which is immensely good!
            Quite the remarkable achievement indeed. Your work is commendable, we have nothing but praise.

            We continue to follow your work closely as we make use of your editor on a daily basis.

            To this end, we should like to ask you, wether you would be open to some possible suggestions regarding functions and usability, which have never been present before in MSTS RE, and, which would signifficantly ease our efforts whilst building our route?

            Due to the high resolution you've implemented in your editor over MSTS RE, working with your editor on our route has never been this pleasing and fun.

            If you should like to see some pictures, of what your work has enabled us to do, please feel free to stop by;

            although the forum is in swedish, the pictures speak a common language

            So far, our route contains more than 200'000 thousand objects.

            In the hopes that we might be able to coorperate in the future, we extend our thanks to you.

            Björn, Jörgen and Michael, builders of StockholmsruttenV4 using TSRE5


              New update:
              (32 bit):


              - advanced UNDO. Works for almost everything. Requires testing
              - levelcr properties, edit tritems
              - pickup properties fix
              - objtools last items context menu: find similar
              - trackobj properties hacks dialog
              - signal bug fix, complex track placing bug fix, null texture put crash fix, other bug fixes

              Originally posted by mikban View Post
              we should like to ask you, wether you would be open to some possible suggestions regarding functions and usability, which have never been present before in MSTS RE, and, which would signifficantly ease our efforts whilst building our route?
              Yes, you can describe your suggestions.
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                Hi Guys,

                Am I doing something wrong? I have the Sept version installed and everything seems to work fine. But none of the updates I've downloaded do not work. All I get when I open up a route is big globs of color.

                Is there another download set I need so that the updates work? I tried both the regular and the 32 bit version. Both with the same results.



                  Hi Tim,
                  You need to download the last .zip version from here : Currently, that is v0.646 - unpack it to wherever you want. If you've already done that, continue with ...
                  ... Download the latest .exe version, rename the file to TSRE5.exe (or TSRE5x32.exe for the 32bit version) then copy it into the unpacked zip (or your current) version, overwriting the original .exe file.

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                    New update:

                    - move levelcr items
                    - set levelcr items placement max distance
                    - track placing max connection distance increased from 0.1m to 0.17m
                    - better bright theme look

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                      New update:


                      - Undo fix for GroupObj
                      - carspawner/platform/siding stataicFlags fix
                      - other bug fixes


                      - experimental satellite images support

                      Now works fine only around 40-55 lat. Different results around the world.

                      Poland for example:

                      Using this feature requires google maps api key. Without it sooner or later you will see grey image instead of satellite view.

                      1. Create google maps api key.
                      2. Enable static maps for your key.
                      3. Place key in settings.txt. example below:

                      googleMapsKey = AIzaSyB1whjhasdshkashasdasdhaskdt1Et9g4


                        Thanks Ged,

                        That worked.



                          New update:


                          - much better satellite images, now works on most reasonable places.

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                            New update:

                            - more advanced and intuitive "stick to track"
                            - gui fixes & better app themes
                            - pos & rot tools for groupObj


                              New update:

                              - crash fixes
                              - fixed satellite bug
                              - save map images to disk (to load from disk just click "show/h map"),
                              - tracks are not placed outside tile border
                              - dynamic track .W file values fix
                              - show/hide terrain shape


                                New update:

                                - hide unavailable global shapes: settings.txt option:
                                ignoreMissingGlobalShapes = true