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Using GeoTIFF files in TSRE

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    Originally posted by PerryPlatypus View Post
    I've never been able to get the 1M data to work out for exactly the reason you indicated - it would always scale weirdly north-south
    Heh. I'm glad other people are having the exact same problem--I thought I was going nuts there for a while ("Why is this app altering perfectly intelligible latitude coordinates? WHY?")

    I'll try to get some screen caps together.


      I've created a how-to PDF.

      The document does not use an example route. Rather, there are instructions on each step, and the steps are provided in the order in which they should be executed.

      Route designers will need to decide how they should stitch together their 1x1 and 1M GeoTIFFs, and how they should clip files for export. All I can provide is the basic rule of thumb that files imported into DEMEX should be less than 1GB.


        I've used the 1M resolution stuff and it's remarkably accurate in places like Chicago where you have huge cuts and embankments both for the railroads and freeways/roadways. The problem had been availability.

        Taking your idea a step sideways... can this be converted into a HGT file for use with TSRE? I've stopped using Demex because of the memory issues and simplicity of the HGT's with TSRE...

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          Originally posted by eric View Post
          can this be converted into a HGT file for use with TSRE?
          Let me do some checking. If memory serves, I ended up going down this rabbit hole because HGT files have a 'baked in' 30M resolution limit.


            The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Collection User Guide (

            Alas, the resolution of SRTM HGT files is not contained within the file, it is assumed by the file processing app based on the number of rows/columns in the file. If there are 1201 of each, the HGT processor assumes that it's the 3 second data, and if there are 3601 of each, it assumes that it's a one second (~30M) product. I suppose one could write an extension of a HGT processor to calculate the coverage resolution based on the size of the matrix, but I'm not sure how to do that. And at that point, I would also have to figure out extend HGT exporting software to use any size square matrix.

            There are GeoTIFF stub files in the TSRE5 source code, but I don't know enough C to be able to finish the implementation either.

            All my coding experience is with ColdFusion and JavaScript, which is pretty far removed from being able to parse binary files, process their data and then generate new binary files.