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How can I create a Route?

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    How can I create a Route?

    Hello everyone, how can I create a route with the excellent TSRE5, is there a Video Tutorial to make a Route with that Program?

    I would like to at least make the map with the tracks of Fostoria Ohio, I could upload it to TrainSim. I learned how to make Routes in Railworks through Google Map but it is no longer possible because of the KEY API. I don't use a Credit Card.

    Fostoria Ohio Aerial View.jpg
    CN 5337 Proctor MN USA

    Can't speak to TSRE 5 support, it's been a bit since I have used it. I mainly learned it via the book in the TSRE 5 master documents and lots of trial and error. But I suggest using Mapbox. They have a free KEY API for map overlay, and I don't remember needing to input my credit card.


      Interesting. People learn and retain knowledge in different ways; seeing/hearing/doing. I am one who needs to see and do. Reading is my weakest point with regards to performing tactile or keystroke type things - I retain better by seeing then doing.
      In a perfect world, would have been cool over this long haul with MSTS/OR to have had one of the great route builders video (with narrative) their journey from start to finish. Most likely would have pushed me much closer into trying a build of my own.

      Chicago Railroading Fan