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Oddity found - check me on it

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    Oddity found - check me on it

    While laying the NS(N&W) south from Kenova, WV to just south of Ft. Gay so as to have that mainline visible across the Big Sandy from CSX, I found something I had not seen before but it likely has been around for years. XTracks provided us with 7M piece of single track. I had to fill an odd gap left by a peculiar industrial track and using dynamic track I found that I could easily fill the gap with some track pieces and then a final piece of 7M. But when I inserted the 7M piece, it actually overlapped one piece on the end by about .1m and I got a blue pole/number. So I checked the dynamic again and yep, 7M was correct, so I then used 3+3+1=7m and it fit perfectly. So the 7M piece is not actually 7M but instead is about 7.1M.

    Jerry Sullivan

    Haven't seen that one before.
    According to ShapeViewer it's quite a bit bigger.
    I wonder what it would do to it if you scaled it in SFM.
    I'll give it a shot when I get some time.



      In the global tsection.dat

      TrackShape ( 92
      FileName ( A1t7mStrt.s )
      NumPaths ( 1 )
      SectionIdx ( 1 0 0 0 0 186 )
      TrackSection ( 186
      SectionSize ( 1.5 7.2331 )


        SFM can't fix this. The blue pole is based on the geometry in the TSection, which as posted above, shows as 7.23m.

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          Well, I was right then. Have a great day folks. I am shutting down shortly to take a meal to a pair of our friends, also members of our church. She had serious surgery two weeks ago, and then he was positive for Covid. The quarantine ended yesterday but their small group class had been taking meals and backing off.