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Blender basics book

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    Blender basics book

    an ebook i found on blender for beginners, 118 pages plus pictures . It covers all aspects of the blender modeling program


    Good Find! I've been using this tutorial: , which seems to be pretty good also.


      Thanks, bs rr co.

      Just downloaded Blender myself yesterday. Now, if I only had time to learn the process.

      Check out these links too:

      Lots of documentation-

      Video tutorials-

      And a ton of stuff here-

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        I am having difficulty with Textures

        I can successfully create and export an object into Rail Simulator using Blender, but I am having a hard time getting the textures correct.

        I create a simple cube in Blender named 1_0100_texturetest and create a material with texture from a .bmp file. I use the same .bmp file to UV map all of the faces. I also am sure to map the texture to UV and make sure the Texface button is selected in Materials.

        The first attached picture is the Blender Screen showing the object created as I described.

        The second attached picture is the Blender render which shows the object appearing as the .bmp texture file (third attachment)

        The fourth attachment shows the Blender Outliner screen.

        The fifth attachment shows the Logfile from when I exported the object as a .igs file.

        I am going to have to add a new post so that I can show how the object renders in the Asset Editor and the actual Simulation.
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          Continuation of last post

          When I open the exported .igs object in the Asset Manager it only has one color. (the blue squares are gone). And the same when I actually place it in a route in Rail Simulator. I am open to suggestions for both and as to what I am missing or doing incorrectly.
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            Blender Export Tutorial

            I have finally struggled through the steps of successfully exporting an .igs file from blender.

            In order to help anyone else struggling with the basic steps I have created a simple tutorial to walk through them. It is available from the BlenderRSmodeling Yahoo Group and is located here:

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