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Fitz Sub/Update 6 Now Available

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    Originally posted by TrainSimJack View Post
    Guys, I have to say this new Fitz route is fantastic.

    Operationally, it's locals offer something different from UP-Roseville or the BNSF routes.

    The locals just have a different 'feel' to them, as does the whole route - It's flat, yet it's got plenty of gentle hills. It's green. I am happy when I spend time here. It puts me in a good mood.

    It's got TONS of areas that offer something to look at, beyond seeing trees right up against the tracks. there are farms, towns, industries, and best of all tons of unique, interesting small/medium sized businesses.

    Many industries have new models - and as far as I can tell, many are only used a single time on the route - And boy does this make a difference - not only is it nicer to look at, but it's easier to get your bearings because there are unique things all over the place.

    It is not just a huge improvement over past SouthEast CSX routes, it is a huge improvement over anything Run8 has ever put out.

    Everyone should own this one.

    - Jack
    the other existing southeast routes are being upgraded as we can
    Jason Webb
    Run8 Studios/HyRail Simulations


      As we haven’t got a specific bug list for Update 6…
      Industry config does not seem to taking. Imported the three route config for the SE and remembered to save it this time (!). However on loading up the saved game most locations are showing blank again, for example the balloon unloading loops at Bostwick Power Station should show “BOS” but are not displayed.


        Originally posted by SCL-A-Line View Post
        when you have all 3 routes you can run seamlessly across all 3 if they are all loaded at the same time
        Thanks Jason, that is the feature i like most about Run 8.

        Yma O Hyd


          I've had my head stuck in SoCal sand for some time now (with the odd excursion to Roseville) and hadn't ran anything on the southeast coast route since V1. After watching a couple of Spur's videos I was bitten by the bug and picked up the routes (A-line, Waycross, Fitz).

          Really enjoying the route(s) again, using one of the world saves as my template. Fitz near Manchester- a challenge of constantly changing grades, bunching, un-bunching, combo-ing air and dynamics with throttle. No reading a pocket novel on this sub.
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