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Looking To Represent The Oil Cans As A Self Contained Circuit

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    Looking To Represent The Oil Cans As A Self Contained Circuit

    Back with the default SoCal industry config which is easier to work with, thoughts have turned to trying to set up a service pattern for the famous BKDOU and DOBKU loaded and empty oil cans which used to operate from Bakersfield down to LA and return. Already had the consist set up several years ago but want to put in two industry locations to serve the loading and unloading points.

    So far as I can tell, the loading was done at Saco but the big terminal is not present on the Run 8 route. Thinking the best place to put the loading point is on the actual main line siding at Saco, as none of the industry spurs in the area are long enough for the jumbo train. LA is a little more challenging as I believe the real train ran to Dolores Yard then was broken down to serve various terminals. Neither they or the yard are included within the current SoCal network so can anyone suggest a suitable location on the route taken by the train that I can peg out as the unloading location?

    A caveat is that the real train used to operate via the Antelope Valley Line but in the game will have to run via West Colton.

    I’m assuming there were two or possibly three tanker sets with loading and unloading taking around 8 hours?

    Vern the oil cans were heavy trains yes and in real life in my travels I got to see them a few times with the specially made tank cars. Now as to a spawn point the siding at Saco will work or you can also have the tank cars in the siding tracks at Saco and you have to build it then run it South/East to Delores California. Yes the part that is missing thru Soledad Cyn would be a great SW add on but down Cajon and then west on the Alhambra Sub back towards LA. The end point in LA is a little harder as I just flew over possible spots like the J yard area or even the River yard or land it in the 4th St yard on the UP but nothing jumps out at me. Maybe rename this Farmer Johns to the industry you need and break the train up onto the 3 tracks is an idea.
    The train sets were usually 75 cars but being heavy and with using any power that Espee could wrangle up it was a show all in itself to see in person.
    Work Safe play hard


      4th Street Yard sounds good or also Farmer Johns. I’ll have a play around when I get on the game later. Thanks Dale.

      As regards the consist, I remember it took a lot of experimentation to get the DPU’s in the correct place to avoid broken couplers or string lining the thing. A testimony to how good R8 physics are.

      Actually looking at the track maps, C yard might be better as there is a balloon track to turn the train without having to run the train engines around, though more manual guiding will be needed to get it in and out from Yuma Junction. Split into three portions and nominate C2, C3 and C4 as "DOO" (Dolores Oil!) as the industry site.

      Edit 2:
      In the end I found a nice long road at Weeds to set up as DOO. So now got two rakes of oil cans, one set at Saco loading and the other down at Weeds unloading. Set to 8 hours so BKDOU will be about 3.5 hours late leaving as I believe it used to depart around 1500. The empties I believe set off at around 2100 from L.A. Initial runs in both directions will need a bit of close supervision to ensure Otto doesn’t do anything silly.

      Gives me time to run the train of coal hoppers I found at Mojave in one of John’s default sessions down to Searles where I have currently set up the coal unloading point (potash and borax to do).

      Fantastic role playing, very satisfying.
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        Nicely done, that sounds like fun.
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