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MP15 pack 3 and Update 16

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    MP15 pack 3 and Update 16

    Run8 Studios has released Update 16 and MP15 pack 3. Some cool paint on these work horses

    Change Log for Update 16

    Run8 V3 Change Log
    • Fixed a condition that caused occasional routing problems at diamonds (crossings); we make use of a dummy
    switch in these situations and it was possible for these dummy switches to get thrown incorrectly, thus
    causing the routing to be invalid. This was mostly observed happening at DT Jct and Los Nietos on the SBD
    Sub, but could happen anywhere a diamond was in use. The issue usually only happens with older Save files
    being used after the route's track database was modified. Anyhow, such switches are now always forced
    Normal so it shouldn't be a problem anymore
    • Fixed logic error with the AutoMU button when front & rear locos were reversed against eachother and the
    lead loco happened to be long-hood-forward
    • Fixed an issue where locomotive exhaust smoke would flicker randomly with multiple trains in the world
    • Airbrake System was adjusted to allow a car's aux-reservoir to apply the brake cylinder a bit more quickly to
    more closely match real-world observations and testing data
    • Fixed the stuck diesel exhaust effect when the diesel was stopped and restarted
    • Added logging for Host when a client takes\relinquishes a train​
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    Work Safe play hard

    Thanks for the heads-up!
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