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Run8 sunset lighting.

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    Run8 sunset lighting.

    Amongst the list of neat things Run8 does well, is its lighting system during sunrise and sunset.

    Here you can see my train heading west through the mountains just around sunset.

    Observe the orangish hue on the trees in the distance, and in the sky.

    If you look at the train that's passing me on the left. you can see the orange hue reflected in the cars as they pass by, and you even get a feel for the sun peaking through the hills up ahead where the track makes a turn to the right.

    Also worth noting that traffic is automatic, This is me running a train - no scenario required, I've passed 3 trains already!

    Click image for larger version

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    G'day Jack,

    In a similar vein in this video @ 1:07:20 mark fenced DPUs contribute to a DD report & stop. On investigation the visuals,at least to me, are very impressive adding to immersion in the train operation. And yes, the lighting in your screenshot looks good.

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      I find the lighting system in v3 to be excellent, but I'm one of those players who just gets absorbed by the sim anyway (which is why I mostly don't complain about the shrubbery lol). Nice screenshot!
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