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Guns & Ammo - The Ultimate Target Challenge 1998 PC

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    Guns & Ammo - The Ultimate Target Challenge 1998 PC

    Looking for an old PC Game I used to play a long time ago, please?

    "Guns & Ammo - The Ultimate Target Challenge 1998 PC." for Windows 10.
    To Purchase and Download.

    However, cannot find a Download Link to do so. Is the Game too old for modern Day/newer Computers Please?

    The Video works in Windows 10, so I assume the game will to. but there is no Purchase/Download Link to be found.

    Many thanks


    Hi Paul,
    You can find almost anything using Google!!
    Have a look here :
    Remember Guns & Ammo: The Ultimate Target Challenge (Windows), an old video game from 1998? Download it and play again on MyAbandonware.

    However, I'd be very surprised if it worked in Windows 10, but you never know!! It might need some tweaks

    Most videos, even very old ones, can usually be played in a modern OS, but the game is a different "kettle of fish"!


    EDIT : It might be best to forget it, Paul!! It appears to need the CD ROM to run - a bit like the original MSTS.
    Also available is a .iso file from which a CD could be burned, or mounted in Win 10, but I'm not sure that the site is legal. The game might be official abandonware, or not!
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