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Continuing Administrator/Computer problems Please?

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    Hi Everybody.

    This Is the latest situation with my Desktop Computer with my Windows 10 OS.

    Hope it makes some sort of sense.

    For some weeks now with a New Windows 10 setup I have been trying to run My Three Favourite Games/Simulations.

    Which are Monopoloy NEW EDITION, Microsoft Train Simulator (Run as 1MSTS) and Silent Hunter 4 Wolves of The Pacific.

    These 3 Programmes couldn't be any different but I can only Run any combination of Two of them succesfully.

    When all 3 Programmes are on this Computer Silent hunter will not start from IT's Desktop Shortcut. getting Message:-
    "An Administrator has blocked you from runnung this add"

    I don't understand why this Is because the Windows 10 Installation I am using currently Is the same Windows 10 that was on my Computer

    previously. I only Re-Installed Windows to have a clearout. I just don't understand why these three Programmes don't work seperately.

    Anymore help or suggestions Please?




      Hi Everybody.

      Why Is the Administrator Bolcking me from Installing some of my old CD Games?

      Keep getting message "You need to have administrative rights on this computer to Install this game"

      Really beginning to annoying me!




        Prior to installing an old game find the "EXE" file and right click on should get a context on Properties and go to the Compatibility tab...bottom of the tab check the box "Run as Administrator"

        ...also take a moment to check other boxes as needed >>> "Run this program in compatibility mode for: and choose an operating system that the program previously worked in from the drop down list. Checking other boxes as needed to make the program work, if the first install fails.

        After all boxes are checked and selection are made, make sure to choose apply and ok
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        Cheers, Gerry
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          Hello everybody.

          Having Changed my Windows 10 OS from 64 BIT to 32 BIT with not very good results regarding playing older Games, I decided to put It back to 64 BIT.

          And now, Guess what, All the Games I had Isues With In recent Weeks (Monoploy, MSTS and Silent Hunter 4) are all now working correctly!

          My question now Is please? What is the best way to save this so I can re-install It if at some stage at a later Date I have to Re-Install Windows 10.

          I have a Couple of External Hard Drives to hand, but not sure Saving the whole of Drive C:\ Is the best option.

          I'm thinking, maybe wrong that Automatic Updates Was Causing the Problem of my games not playing after a Computer Shutdown.

          A while ago I discovered that If I opened RUN and entered SERVICES I could turn Off Automatic Updates but unfortunately now when I enter RUN and enter SERVICES
          the Computer does absolutely nothing?

          Any thoughts on this please?

          Many thanks



            Try services.msc instead.

            If your computer is connected to the Internet, I would suggest leaving Windows updates enabled.

            If your computer is at a known good state then create a Windows restore point. Google how to do that and there are many tutorials to assist you through that process.

            If you create a restore point before installing software and it goes pear shaped after that, you can go back to your restore point.




              Hi Marek, thanks for the reply.

              Will give It a try.