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Recovery Drive Question please?

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    Recovery Drive Question please?

    Hello everybody.

    Probably a silly question!

    I Have created and Installed a Recovery Drive on my External Hard Drive.

    But, what do I do with it now please?

    It has created Three Files:- EFI, sources and reagent.

    EFI contains Two files:- Boot and Microsoft.

    Boot File seems to contain Language Files. Microsoft File Is EMPTY.

    These Files contain no Installers to return them to the Desktop

    I was under the Impression, rightly or wrongly, that by Creating a Recovery Disk,

    It would Include the Contents of Drive C: and the Three Current Games I have Installed

    plus any other required Files on my Computer.

    Any help please?

    Many thanks


    PC Tech - TrainSim.Com


      Hi Paul,
      A Recovery drive will only contain Windows and its environment - it will NOT conain any personal files, like your "Three Current Games" - they must be backed up separately..

      Google will help you find out about Recovery Drives!



        Hi Ged, thanks for reply.

        All my games are Installed Into Drive C:

        My next question Is, Is It possible to copy the whole of Drive C: onto an External Hard Drive so that the Games and all their relevant Files are all In One place please?

        Many thanks.



          Hi Paul,
          Of course, provided the external drive has sufficient space!

          If you are using the copy/paste functions, and you want to include the OS on the external drive, make sure that the 'hidden' files are shown, otherwise they won't be copied over.



            Paul, you might want to consider a piece of commercial software to do what you've been trying to do manually.

            Copying the entire contents of your drive including hidden files might work, but it won't create a bootable image. That's where the recovery partition comes in. It will create the bootable partition, but as you've already discovered won't include the files.

            Commercial software for backup and restore does both.

            I've used Aomie in the past to clone a bootable image of my windows installation, most recently when I migrated from a 500 gig solid state to a 1 TB solid state.

            AOMEI Backupper Standard is the best free backup software and provides you easy backup & disaster recovery solutions for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP to protect your OS, hard drive and files.

            The freeware version worked for me, but you may want to consider the pro version which might be a little bit more hands off and automated.

            If you like what you see here at, be it the discussions and knowledge in the forums, items saved in our library or the ongoing development of our TSRE Fork, I hope you'll consider a paid membership to help support keeping the site operating.... Thanks!


              Hi Eric, Thanks and apologies for late reply.

              My main problem at the moment Is the amount of times I manage to crash my Computer lately for no apparent reason.

              I can play for a Day with whatever games I choose with no Problem. then shut down for the Night.

              BUT, quite often lately, when I start up my Computer In the Morning, I'm confronted with a Blue Screen saying:-

              "Windows has encountered a problem and needs to re-start"

              But when it re-Starts It Reinstalls Windows, not giving the option of keeping anything.

              Not sure how to get round this but fed up with reinstalling all my Games.

              This Is the Reason I was looking for something better to retain my Files?



              P.S. Should have mentioned that I have had one of these "GHOST TRAINS" before excuse the pun.

              Made a right mess of It.
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