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A Day in East Deerfield, MA.

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    A Day in East Deerfield, MA.

    Well, two days ago, my dad and I went down to the train yard in East Deerfield, MA. There was LOTS of Guilford, and two CP Rail SD40's. I saw a GRS GP40 High Hood, GRS GP40 Low Hoods, GRS GP9's, and GRS GP40-2W's, plus the two CP Rail SD40's. The engineers were very nice.

    Looking down the tracks.

    Zoomed in some more.

    Looking down the other way.

    GRS #379 with some cars.

    Taken from the railfan bridge. GRS #353 is seen idling in the yard. Shot taken from the "railfan bridge".

    An old caboose can be seen from the railfan bridge.

    The East Deerfield Locomotive Maintnece Facility Sign. There was a GP40-2W just outside the Maintnece Facility. Next to the sign was a turntable.

    GRS #379 sitting with it's cars.

    A side shot of GRS #353.

    The GP40-2W that was sitting outside the Maintnece Facility can be seen in this picture. The door is open.

    Some strange towers next to the Maintnence Facility.

    My dad was asking a yard worker if anything besides Guilford came into the yard when this bad boy pulled into the yard. There were 3 GRS units on this train, and 2 CP Rail units. Here is one of the CP Rail units.

    The other CP Rail Unit.

    It was only going about 5 Miles Per Hour, so my dad and I went up to the railfan bridge. I got this shot of the freight train.

    Then my dad and I went back to where I got my first pictures, and caught the front of the freight train again. The engineer was very nice. He gave me a nice friendly wave, and my dad and I waved back.

    This is big for me since all that I usually see is Guilford and Amtrak Downeaster. :P

    Looking at the back of the second CP Rail Unit.

    The last GRS Unit of the 3 GRS Units on the train. The unit was GRS #379.

    The second CP Rail Unit.

    My dad and I found a Morristown and Erie Passenger Car in the yard. We were not supposed to be here, so I quickly got the shot.

    Some MOW Vehicles were off to do some work.

    The 3 GRS Units and the two CP Rail Units coupled of of there freight, and were trying to get to the parking space in the yard.


    The 3 GRS Units.

    The units were pulling off the mainline.

    They then stopped moving and waited for GRS #353 to do some moves.

    GRS #353 is trying to get the back of the train past the switch so that it can back up and get onto a different track.

    Backing up.

    The 3 GRS Units and 2 CP Rail units are once again seen on the track next to the mainline.

    Backing out onto the mainline once again.

    A shot of GRS #351.

    A shot of the first CP Rail Unit.

    The 3 GRS Units and the two CP Rail Units are seen sitting in the yard, parked.

    Another shot of the parked units.

    My dad and I found an old building.

    Here is a shot of part of the yard. This is the last shot.

    I hope that you all enjoyed the shots!
    Thanks for looking!

    Stephen Arata.

    RE: A Day in East Deerfield, MA.

    Nice shots. Be careful large yards like this... very easy to get into a bad spot at a bad time.

    Jason Underwood
    Newport News, Virginia
    CSX Peninsula Sub MP.16


    -Jason Underwood


      RE: A Day in East Deerfield, MA.

      Thanks. Yes, certainly. Especially when there is switching going on. And trains seem to have their ways of sneaking up on you without you hearing it until it is too late.
      Stephen Arata.


        RE: A Day in East Deerfield, MA.

        The strange towers would be the locomotive sanding towers, there is a nice one in the File library, that you could reskin to those if you were to want to.

        The old, 'lost', building is probably the former yard tower.

        Railcar photos:inflammable.rrpicturearchives


          RE: A Day in East Deerfield, MA.

          I think what me meant was that if a railroad police officer spots you if you happen to be trespassing in the yard... either way, I'm sure you know to be careful.



            RE: A Day in East Deerfield, MA.

            The sand towers I would be able to repaint for my B&M West End route, and the old building is indeed a yard tower that was once used during the B&M years.

            btw, just saw 353 up here on the branch today with 319 and 370.