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Calling all experts - Railroad Building Color WW2

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    Calling all experts - Railroad Building Color WW2

    Hi gentlemen, I hereby call for assistance from those who know a thing or two about railroad history (why is it so hard to get historical details of US railroads? In the UK the info is pretty much thrust into your lap)

    What I need is information about building colors from the following railroads pertinent to WW2...

    Great Northern
    Northern Pacific
    Union Pacific
    Milwaukee Road

    If you can help, please do! All efforts much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    I would recommend trying to contact a historical society for any of these railroads. GN and NP I think have a joint society, since they were basically sister roads for most of their lives. There is a restored GN building (along with an immaculate brick depot) in my hometown. The smaller wooden building is a cream color with green trim, if that helps. I can get a picture later this week if you'd like