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Any interest in a Chicago Area Meet up sometime in January

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    Any interest in a Chicago Area Meet up sometime in January

    Hi Everyone, happy holidays!

    I've noticed there seem to be quite a few of us that are located in the Chicago Metro Area.

    Does anyone have any interest in meeting up in real life - Possibly some time in February-March?

    Here are a few thoughts:

    - The Elmhurst model railroad club holds an open house most Friday Nights and Sunday Afternoons. (Elmhurst Model Railroad Club | Home of the Illinois Western Railroad (​)
    If we agreed to meet there, we'd not only get a chance to talk about our favorite sim train hobby but we could see 3 really neat model railroads.

    -The Great Midwest Train Show is held at the DuPage County Fairgrounds - there is an entrance fee, but if people had an interest in going to the show, it could be a good place to meet up.

    Bumping this- Any interest in human to human discussion about our hobby?

    I'm heading to the Great Midwest Train Show today - I know it's too late to coordinate a meet up for today, but there's always March, April, etc...

    By the way, I learned today that tickets for the show are $8 cash at the door, $7 credit card if bought online and $6.30 credit card if bought online and the coupon code FB10 is used.

    - Jack


      Hey Jack,
      I'm local and have been to, and have friends with booths at that show, pretty regularly. We slide over to West Chicago at the tower afterward whenever we hit that show.
      Maybe next month, if I am not working.


      Chicago Railroading Fan


        Sounds like a fun idea. March 3rd is the next show. I'll try to make it.

        Believe it or not, I've never been to JB or Spaulding...
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          I'll keep an eye on this date, meeting at JB tower would be awesome.
          Kevin Kelleher