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    Originally posted by rdayt View Post

    Vinyl is making a bit of a comeback. Because of the sound quality if nothing else.
    Arguably, but this would also depend on one's investment as an audiophile in their equipment, not to mention how an original recording is made - analog to analog, digital to analog, etc. This is not unlike someone who invests in their model railroad, perhaps viewed as entry level and toylike, or highend from benchwork to smokestack. Each approach from a different side, but their value may be equally joyful.

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      Originally posted by TrainSimJack View Post
      Can you walk into any old hobby shop and get an HO Engine for $90 today?
      I've managed to snag decent running locomotives for under $50, although almost all of them are 20+ years old or lack all the dcc things most modern engines have. Can't really afford to spend a ton of money on a newer engine, as much as I'd like too. Though I have seen some really new items sell for under $100 which is impressive.


        Originally posted by muskokaandtahoe View Post
        In decline? MASSIVELY! The average age of a model railroader in the US is in his 70s.
        Which is the generation that appreciated the hobby the most. Everything now is so expensive for the level of detail it's like paying a car note. 20 years ago it was custom injected resin models from garage companies like Island Model works or IHP and now everything is 3D printed. For me apart of the hobby was kit bashing from old parts or complete scratch builds from either Styrene sheets, Balsa wood, or even brass. there's a YouTube channel, Norman Corey who in my opinion does excellent work on kit bashing old steam locomotives and giving them new life. I especially love the one about building a C&O M-1 steam turbine.
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          I've been a subscriber to Trains since 1966, I've seen a lot of changes over the years and as of the last year or so I have not been impressed with some of the material that has been in the magazine. I hope the new owners sharpen some of the focus and the way material is presented!
          Kevin Kelleher


            Eric, have you owned brass for 20-40 years? Have you noticed the decline in prices over the last 15-20? Maybe 50%.
            Dave Nelson
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              I've not bought brass in 40 years, so I can't say I've followed pricing....

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