*RailRoader for Life*

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*Great Moments in Railroading*
  1. They say everything in this book is written in blood, I must concur, If rules are not followed that is exactly what it costed many. UP MOW RULES book.
  2. She was indeed a majestic beauty. Hats off to the honorable steam crew that sailed her.
  3. Aboard Amtrak AMD103 #704 discussing the AMD's operations, PENN. Station 2003
  4. Visiting friends at PENN! Hangin with the Penn. Station boys, Nov.2003
  5. John Deere Front end Loader operator,(Highrailed on the south lead) Shortline Yard Des Moines, IA 1998, just got my machine rights that year.
  6. Visiting my Brother who retired from the NS after 25 years of service. Moberly Yards, Moberly, MO. 1997
  7. Spending Quality time at PENN. STA. with a Carknocker prepping an afternoon outbound. By the way I'm proud to state my uncle Mr. Thomas Brown retired...
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