*RailRoader for Life*

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*Great Moments in Railroading*
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  14. It took me one day after bumping onto this Steel gang to learn this Giesmar 360 Speedswing, especially after having about 70 guys laughing and...
  15. My Foreman's truck. Surfacing Gang 9008, Fairmont Subdivision, Blue Earth, MN, on through the Mankato Sub. Oct.2000
  16. One of my serious machines, Jackson 6700 rebuild Production Tamper complete with laser buggy, which I had 2 excellent operators. Fairmont Subdivision.
  17. Here I am in that old 360 Giesmar pulling out the old rail while several machines back there's 2 huge Grove Cranes one that lays the new east rail...
  18. Backing out of our tie up point in Blue Earth,MN preparing to put in a good 10-12 hour work day on the Fairmont Subdivision.
  19. I remember this being a Fairmont Tamper ( Co. based in Fairmont,MN, trackside) Ballast regulator operated by one of my top guys. Tie up point Blue...
  20. This was my main Ballast regulator with her wings upright, a Nordco rebuild operated by one of my senior employees with at the time he boasted 27...
  21. That good ole Giesmar, Swing baby, swing! The Gang worked all the way to Ellsworth, Kansas, we then jumped operations to the Evanston Subdivision in...
  22. Regulator under inspection. Tie up point, Blue Earth, MN.
  23. Many called him the Tamper King, Big Frank inspecting his 09-16 CAT Production Tamper. A Plasser American 1991 rebuild,( There's another model 09-16...
  24. Foreman M.Antonio 9008 Surfacing Gang, Plasser American Rep.(middle) and The Tamper King, awaiting a northbound stacker to pass. Fairmont Sub. The...
  25. During my retirement hangin with the fellas on the UP 844, CP U074 Trenton Sub, Des Moines, IA Hull Ave Yard. June 2007.
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