• From BLW/ZT - The Lake Superior And Ishpeming Railroad Set

    From BLW/ZT - The Lake Superior And Ishpeming Railroad Set

    The Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad (reporting mark LSI), a U.S. railroad offering service from Marquette, Michigan, to nearby locations in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, began operations in 1896. The LS&I continues to operate as an independent railroad from its headquarters in Marquette.

    Maple Leaf Tracks has a route depicting this line called "Michigan Iron Ore". Belanger Locomotive Works and ZosaTrains is proud to offer this set of LS&I Alco power and freight equipment.

    This set includes all Alco power that would have been on the LS&I roster in the late 1970s/early 1980s, including:

    Alco RS3:
    #1604, 1608 (Maroon and gold)

    Alco RSD12:
    Custom low hood #1801 (maroon and gold),
    High hood 1802, 1804, 1850 & 1852 (green, yellow and white)
    High hood 1803, 1805, & 1807 (maroon and gold)

    Alco RSD15:
    Low hood 2400, 2401, 2402 & 2404 (red, yellow and white)
    Low hood 2403 & 2405 (maroon and gold)

    Also included

    LS&I Box cars #2469 & 2442 (LD & MT)
    LS&I Offset side hoppers #5229, 5173, 5148 (LD & MT)
    LS&I Gondola #6765 (LD & MT)
    LS&I Cabooses #1 & #2 (green, yellow and white)
    LS&I Cabooses #3 & #5 (red, yellow and white)

    ...And four styles of ore cars, three models each, for a total of 12 different highly detailed ore cars (LD & MT)

    Rick & Gaetan

    BLW & ZosaTrains Locomotive Add-on for Microsoft® Train Simulator. Copyright BLW & ZosaTrains. All Rights Reserved.


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