• Dekosoft Announces SD-35 Pro Edition

    SD-35 Pro Edition Now Available

    A new companion has arrived for the ever popular GP35 series! The six-axle SD35 is based on the same powerplant and was designed for use in special duty roles. Our version comes with three distinct shape models including standard low nose, high nose and SDP35 passenger service configurations. Road names include Seaboard Coast Line, Seaboard Air Line, Chessie C&O (CSXT), Norfolk & Western, Conrail, and Pennsylvania Railroad.

    Custom cabs and panels are included for all models. Plus, the Pennsylvania and Conrail units feature in-cab signals -- we've driven these up and down the Northeast Corridor and believe they will make your operations all the more enjoyable. And of course, all the standard Pro Edition equipment is in there, including animated fans and wipers, plus we're introducing high resolution hood textures for extra realism.

    Get the complete set for $5.99 at http://dekosoft.com/design/msts.

    More GP35, SD38-2 Skins Coming

    We're just a few days away from releasing some more free skins for our GP35 and SD38-2 series locomotives. For the GP35, expect to see new Pennsylvania Railroad and Ann Arbor colors. For the SD38-2, you'll be able to download a Bessemer & Lake Erie version in black & orange -- and maybe another surprise or two!


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