• EuropeanBahn Announces TGV Train Sim Pack

    Announcing Train Sim TGV Pack

    Since the release on "Northern European TGV" on the internet in November 2001, EuropeanBahn has teamed up with Just Trains to bring the train simmer a ride of a life time, much work has been undertaken since that time and my involvement with Just Trains has taken the original product to greater heights. It has be extensively enhanced and added too. A single run measures 106 miles of which there are six separate roads, all with differing degrees of scenery, and games play. Making the overall drivable track just under 600 miles. Three Locos and assorted rolling stock is also included, and here again some of the feature of these loco cannot be found in any other product or anywhere on the internet. These models are provided by Chris Longhurst & Clem Tiller. And to enhance the driving experience 10 full feature activities have been included.

    Locos include: European TGV Thalys.9 (by Speedworks with cab and passenger view by Chris Longhurst) French Railways SNCF TGV Reseau (by Speedworks with cab and passenger view by Chris Longhurst) French Railways SNCF BB7200 with Corail carriages (by Chris Longhurst).

    Release date: Wednesday next 8th May 2002. It will be available direct from my own web site www.europeanbahn.co.uk or Just Trains www.justtrains.net, plus it is already advertised on a number of Internet based shopping channels including amazon.co.uk; not sure about amazon.com. Of course it will also be marketed by Just Trains through it worldwide network of retails outlets.

    Route Description

    Ashford International Station.

    The station area consist of five road, two which serve the local route to Folkestone Town station, and three for the High Speed roads. Two of three of main lines have platform and the middle line is for fast through traffic. As you leave the station complex, on any of the roads mentioned above you will see a medium to large interactive siding area, for those who wish to design more complex activities.

    Between Ashford and Folkestone, we have included one stopping off point, again featuring a high-speed line through the main station area, a little to the northeast of Sellindge TGV as we have call the town, the local service to Folkestone Town Station can be seen.

    Folkestone Town and Channel Area.

    All five road running from Ashford descend on this area, having taken there own paths a little up the line, also the local roads have also crossed over and are now on the right or south-west side of a high speed line. And it is this point where we not only do we lose the local service but the three lane main line reduces to two lane and has a speed restriction placed on it of 110mph approx 180kph as they enter the "Channel Tunnel".

    The Tunnel is constructed as a single line in each direction, and sorry but there are no cross-area, (this is due to restriction placed on route design by Train Simulator itself), however the tunnel is fully signalled and also has distance markers.

    Once on the French side of the Tunnel, the roads remain two tracks, until you reach the outskirts of Calais. You may notice a number of additional roads that quite frankly have been added for visual effect and little else. Approximately 3 miles from the station complex to your left hand side is an inter-active siding, where should you wish you could have hour of fun running any of the locos contained with in the pack.

    The four-lane road has return, and a point to note is that should you be approaching from the Sangatte area (Tunnel Entrance), you will need to move tracks by one line to the left, to remain on the correct side for authentic running. (In most of Europe, train run on the left of each other, the only exception to this is Germany where they runs on right).

    Calais station area has a number of roads to choose from, but if you are approaching from the inner of the two easterly roads, you will be well place to continue on the high-speed line to Arques & Lille.

    Calais - Tournehem-Sur-La-Hem Section

    As you leave the main station, you should be either on the inner (High Speed line) or far left which is both the IC & Local road. This left hand road allow you to branch off (about half a mile from the station), and explore the local communities between Calais and Tournehem-Sur-La-Hem, where you will find three station ranging from a small halt to a medium station with a variety of village life.

    The main line on the other hand, makes no stop until it reaches Tournehem-Sur-La-Hem approx 12 miles from Calais. This is depicted as a medium to large town, with a station layout, unique to TGV travel. When the SNCF where designing the stations, it was very much noted, that, should a high speed train pass through the station at speed in excess of 100 mph, it would present great danger to anyone standing on or near to the platform edge. So it was decided that these special stations would have four lanes, of which only two would have platforms. The middle two would be positioned some distance from the stopping road, allowing a through train to pass at speed in excess of 160mph, without causing danger to anybody, hence, the layout which we have employed here and at Hazebrouck, further down the route.

    Just take a look and you will see what we mean. You may also notice that between Calais and Tournehem-Sur-La-Hem, the local roads wide in and out of the main line and while it will be on your left when leaving Calais, its arrival in Tournehem-Sur-La-Hem it will be on your right.

    Tournehem also boosts a small interactive siding area, adding to the game play of the route.

    Tournehem-Sur-La-hem to Arques

    It is at this point where a distinct difference exists between the Main High speed line and the local line. Now they go there own way. On the Local line you will find a short tunnel and three stations, one of which does at no time require you to stop. The high-speed line continues on to Arques, which is approximately 25 miles from Calais and some 75 miles from Ashford (please distances are approximate).

    Arques to Lille

    Arques is the largest town area modelled on the complete route, it retains all six drivable roads, plus three small road which again have been added for visual effect - that not to say you could not drive alone them, you could, but there length is just out of eye view.

    The high-speed road from here runs as a two-track line, briefly opening into four lanes as it passes through Hazebrouck. The IC line also takes a path of its own, and does not join up with the high-speed line until it reaches the outskirts of Lille. The local line on the other hand makes a number of stops before reaching the final destination Lille. Those stop are Wallon-Cappel, Hazebrouck, Merris-Nord (yes there is a Merris-South which is situated on IC line a few hundreds south), Neuve and Nippe before the final stop Lille.

    We hope you will find this route description helpful - and that you also have a lot of fun with TRAIN SIM TGV Pack.



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