• Just Trains Announces New Web Site

    <center> <img src="/logos/justtrains.gif" width=400 height=103> </center><p> Cambridge, June 17th<p> Just Trains, the train simulation division of respected aviation publisher Just Flight, have announced that their new re-designed Trains web site is now open at <a href="http://www.justtrains.net/" target="_blank"> http://www.justtrains.net/</a><p> The site offers multi-currency support for those with dollars, Euros or even old fashioned pounds sterling to burn on train-sim gear! Just Trains have mirrored their popular loyalty scheme with Just Rewards and of course their money back guarantee on all purchases, while existing users will of course be more interested in the latest support and news pages.<p> To coincide with the launch of the site, there are seven new joint activities for Just Trains recently released titles, Euro Loco Train Sim Pack and TGV Train Sim Pack. These are available for free download to all registered users of the products on both the ELP and TGV support pages courtesy of EuropeanBahn, the TGV route developers.<p> Just Trains have also issued service updates for both the TGV and ELP packs, also to be found on their respective support pages, plus there is a new FAQ about TGV pack users who are having issues with HITW Sky! Conductor 2 on the TGV pack support page.<p>