• How To...Create Mini Routes The Easy Way

    Here we have now a completed MINI SURFLINER Route and created new Desktop Shortcuts for it, one for the Route's Train.exe and the other one for its Editors Launcher.exe : 
    All working as it should, then the original version of it installed in the Default Train Simulator ROUTES folder can be deleted if available disk space is an issue!
    There is no limit as to how many MINI Routes can be created other than available disk space for them:
    Observe the empty Task Bar, indicating that on this Sims only computer no programs other than the Clock are running, MSTS prefers!
    There are of course other methods of speeding up the loading of MSTS, such as this ROUTES ON/OFF utility: 
    What this one does is rename the routes .trk files to .off and vice versa and the fewer routes are "Enabled" the faster MSTS will load!
    I hope that all this will help you create many MINI Routes to have FUN with. 
    Any questions ? [email protected]  
    Take Care
    Otto Wipfel.
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