• Run 8 Train Simulator Released

    Run 8 Train Simulator Released

    We are extremely pleased to announce the release of our muchly anticipated new Run 8 Train Simulator BNSF Mojave Sub!

    We know everyone is anxious to purchase the program but please remember that you will need your 10 digit tansaction ID number which will be located near the bottom of your receipt that we email you after you make your purchase in order to register the program. To register the program go to OPTIONS and select one of the trains or sessions on the right side of the menu, and then select RUN SIMULATOR. Once you have been transported into the world, press Shift+F1 to open the Sim Options window and go to the "Other" tab where near the bottom you will see the registration window. Enter the 10 digit transaction ID number and you will be good to HiBall! And please keep your receipt as you may need that number in order to access some upcoming free DLC in a few weeks.

    Learn More Here

    About Run 8 Studios Ltd.

    Most of you may know us from our past work on programs such as TrainMaster 4, Kuju Entertainment's RailSimulator, and of course the many excellent routes and addons we have developed for Microsoft Train Simulator over the past 11 years at 3D Train Stuff. And over that time as a developer of expansion software for someone else's platform we have been at the mercy of other people's decisions and views of what a train simulator program should actually be and quite frankly we have been disappointed more times than not.

    So back in 2009, in the aftermath of Microsoft's decision to cancel MSTS 2 for the second time, and after a rough and rocky experience developing content for Kuju/EA RailSimulator's north american content release, we made the decision to start developing our own platform which we like to simply call "Run 8" as that pretty much sums up the pace we have been working on this project since we started it.

    The beautiful thing about developing your own train simulator platform is that you can do whatever you want with it which is a very good thing especially if you love railroading like we do! So for us, it's all about the physics and operations, and we think you will love what we have in store for you with Run 8. Also keep in mind that our group is in this for the long haul and that our Run 8 Train Simulator is just going to get better and better over time!

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