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    Spittler Engineering Releases "Real Pines"

    Replacement Textures for the Default Marias Pass "Fir Trees"

    Upland, CA -- April 29, 2002 -- Spittler Engineering has announced the release of "Real Pines", a replacement for the default "fir tree" textures in Microsoft® Train Simulator. "Real Pines" is a free add-on, designed to greatly increase the realism experienced when working the rails on the Marias Pass route, or any other route that uses the Marias Pass fir trees.

    The Real Pines package replaces not just one, but eight different fir tree textures within the route, including the "tree blocks" used to represent large groups or walls of trees at a distance.

    Despite the dramatically different appearance when compared to the default fir trees, "Real Pines" are simply a re-texturing of the default trees, and use the default 3*D models. Since the texture file sizes contained within the Real Pines upgrade are the same as those being replaced, no memory or frame rate issues are anticipated.

    Development of Real Pines was lead by Judd Spittler, founder of Spittler Engineering, and director of the Conifer Design Department within the organization. "This was an interesting project," according to Spittler. "The challenge was creating a realistic looking tree, within the constraints imposed by the default 3D model."

    Much of the effort involved portraying lighting and depth in a realistic way. A great deal of thought also went into determining how much light should be allowed to pass between the tree branches. "This openness between tree branches really contributes to the feeling of realism", noted Spittler. "As on most Spittler Engineering projects so far, everything comes down to artistic compromise."

    Spittler Engineering is privately held, and was established in Upland, CA in 2001. For additional information visit

    Screenshots may be viewed in the Real Pines section of the Screenshot Gallery:

    "Real Pines" may be downloaded at TrainSim.com. Do a text search for "Spittler" in the file library. (Be sure to check your spelling!)

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