• Scenariopacks: New Releases In February

    Scenariopacks: New Releases In February

    We have currently released:

    Trains and Drivers 11 - Driving On The WCML

    This scenario pack for the WCML (West Coast Mainline) brings you eight interesting and challenging scenarios! Drive Intercity services, mail deliveries and other local trains on the updated version of this fantastic route! This add-on includes new sounds (station announcements) to enhance your driving experience.

    English Version.

    Requires the WCML add-on, the Class 325, Class 380 and Class 390 addon packages from STEAM!

    TaD Volume 12 - Bristol To Exeter Today

    Volume 12 of the Trains and Drivers series takes you down south on the Bristol - Exeter Route* by JustTrains. You will do local passenger runs, HST and Voyager (semi) fast runs and some freight runs with the Class 66* that was modded by Trains and Drivers with some new headlights, cabviews and interiour cablighting to enhance the driving experience especially at night.

    English version - download.

    *Requires the Class 66, Class 150/2 available from STEAM and the Voyager Addon from JustTrains and the Bristol Exeter Route!

    The NEC Series Volume 2

    The second edition of the NEC Series is bringing you the Acela*, the GG-1* and the Genesis P42* to the Northeast Corridor. Experience these different engines in a variety of scenarios! Drive an ACELA testrun, bring back the GG-1 to the NEC on the Train Day, or make sure the Pennsylvanian leaves on time to Pittsburgh. Hours of driving fun await you!

    English version.

    *Requires the Acela, the P42 Genesis and the GG-1 Addon from STEAM.

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    Shop: trains-and-drivers.net

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    Northern California's Historic Shortline in ORTS

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    Just a few scenes over the last 2.5 years of this route I have been working on...I will update as I can, once I get RE back up and running on Windows...

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    New Canadian route to be released soon - Oakfield Subdivision Toronto.

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    For all our Canadian cousins, read all the blurb on here, it looks quite interesting, I will be following the progress, especially, as the included...

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    SLI Repaints

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    Filthy BNSF C44-9W

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    I Think I'm Turning Japanese

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    Hi Folks, USRA 2-8-2 Mikado I really wanted to start work on a B&M Steam locomotive - but - I think I'm committed now - there are just too many...

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    Winter on Rogers Pass

    Thread Starter: ekeating

    Its been awhile! Working on some activities I hope to release as a pack at some point. First train on the docket was a 3-302, empty grain train...

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    Omya Leased Boxcars

    Thread Starter: CSRX

    Not my best photos I have ever taken, but we lack boxcars for Omya powered/bagged limestone so much, that these are the only ones currently made in...

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    ORTS MILW Idaho Division V2 Route

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    Hello, I have just completed the Westbound Generic Activity for this new route without an issue, as far as running it. Now I am trying to run the...

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    With sadness, I note MIKEinNE AKA Mike DiMaio, author of the original PRR Middle Division and with the work of many developers morphed into PRR...

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