• Euro Loco

    Euro Loco

    By Henri Patey (28 May 2002)

    Euro Loco Includes:
  • (Great Britain) BR HST 125
  • (Europe) Eurostar
  • (Germany) DB High speed ICE2
  • (Germany) DB V100.213 Shunter
  • (France) SNCF High speed TGV Duplex
  • (France) SNCF BB15000
  • (Netherlands) IRM Regiorunner
  • (Netherlands) NS2200
  • (Italy) High Speed ETR500
  • Authentic mix of freight cars
  • The Euro Loco Pack by ChristTrains is a great addition to your MSTS collection! The great variety of locomotives plus passenger and freight cars are a real bonus and can help create some great activities. The design work of each engine, passenger and freight car was on the money. The Euro Loco color schemes showed off engines and rolling stock as if fresh from the factory. Some aging and "wear-and-tear" may have provided some added value, but maybe that will come with an service pack.

    The manual was well written and very easy to read. In fact, the manual was one of the best manuals I have seen in a long time.

    Installing the Euro Loco was a breeze. The .exe file performed perfectly. Accessing the newly installed locos and creating consists with the freight cars was very easy to do and should pose no problems even to the novice MSTS player. I would have prefered a less expensive price tag, maybe in the mid-twenty dollar range, but you do get a nice large assortment of rolling stock for your money. Nonetheless, I'm ready to buy even at its current retail price. Well done and hat's off to the team at Just Trains!

    Here are some screen shots that show off the Euro Loco Pack:


    Henri Patey
    [email protected]

    Visit designer ChrisTrains

    Visit publisher Just Trains

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