• World Of Subways Volume 1 The PATH

    Train speed is controlled by the power lever. Four throttle steps or notches are selected with the up and down arrow keys. The first two steps switch the motors into series alignment; steps 3 and 4 switch the motors in parallel for higher speed. You'll need to work this control continually, as each notch produces almost, but not quite exactly the wrong speed, just as in real life.

    Train brakes are continuously variable and are operated by pressing the "Left Arrow" (decrease) and "Right Arrow" (increase) keys. Pressing "Del" applies full braking. There is also an emergency braking system. This is a penalty application: after operating the emergency brakes, the driver must wait one minute before the brakes can be released again, simulating the real release time. An emergency stop is made by releasing the dead man's switch (Space bar) during driving. If that happens accidentally, the driver has three seconds to correct this or the train will execute an emergency stop.


    The headlights (L) and horn (H) should not be used while the train is standing at the station; violations will result in a deduction of points. The driver must keep to the schedule. An announcement stating the final destination and the next station must be made before the doors are closed. A warning to clear the area around the doors must also be announced. The doors may only be closed when you have pressed "F8" for the departure signal. The following keys are assigned to each announcement by default:

    Number pad 7 = destination announcement
    Number pad 8 = next station announcement
    Number pad 9 = safety announcement
    The best procedure is to press 7, then 8, then 9 before departure, then press "F3" key for the departure signal.

    Speed limits can be seen on the yellow route signs. Maximum speed is 15 mph at all stations and station facilities unless otherwise stated. Do not exceed 40 mph in the tunnel system unless otherwise stated. Note that there may be deviations between the speed indicated in the route monitor and the speed signs. For example this can happen when a speed of 55 mph is permissible when that is followed by a section with a speed limit of 25 mph. The change in speed will be abrupt in the route monitor but will not correspond to the speed indicated in the signs. Thus a speed of 40 mph might be displayed, a little later 35 mph and finally a yellow sign showing 30 mph will appear on the right hand side of the track, before the actual speed limit of 25 mph is displayed. During this whole phase, the route monitor will display only 55 mph and will switch to 25 mph, when the sign for 25 mph has been reached.

    Before arrival, the driver announces which station is ahead by pressing the "2" key. When the final destination is been reached, tell the passengers to disembark by pressing the "1" key. On arrival, make sure the train stops at exactly the right position, using the end of the station as a reference point. Very important: open the doors on the correct side; they can only be opened if the power lever is in the idle position. Watch one of the monitor panels to be sure everyone gets off and on the train.

    A camera system displays the external view of a train and views out of the cab and passenger areas. The following views are available:

    Driver's cab (Standard)
    Leave or enter the cab: C
    Outside view: O key
    Passenger view: N key

    Press "O" then "N" key to switch to the driver's cab view. While in the driver's cab you can change the angle of view using the mouse. It is not possible to move forwards and backwards. You can centralize the view by pressing "Z."

    You can only freely mover around the stations when the train has stopped. Pressing C switches to the passenger compartment, and you can move around by pressing the following keys:

    W = forward
    S = backward
    A = sideways to the left
    D = sideways to the right

    Line of sight and turning around is controlled with the mouse. When you are standing in the car in front of the driver's cab door, press C to return to the driver's cab. You must be standing in the passenger compartment in front of the driver's cab; press R to move to the driver's cab door in the passenger compartment. If you should inadvertently step onto the track while exploring the station, you can press R to get back onto the platform.


    Monitors and Displays: The monitors shown in the key assignments below like the route or current time monitors are displayed in separate windows. These can be moved around the screen with the mouse pointer by pressing the CTRL key, then moving the mouse pointer to the top edge of the window, then click and drag the window to the new location. Release the mouse button to drop the window at the new position.

    The stations and their abbreviations:

    WTC = World Trade Center
    EXC = Exchange Place
    GRV = Grove Street
    JSQ = Journal Square
    HAR = Harrison
    NWK = Newark
    PAV = Pavonia Newport
    HOB = Hoboken
    CHR = Christopher Street
    9th ST = 9th Street
    14th ST = 14th Street
    23rd ST = 23rd Street
    33rd ST = 33rd Street


    Key assignments for a laptop (note that the original number pad (numlock) keys have been reassigned):

    Dead man's switch = SPACE
    Reverser forward = PAGE UP
    Reverser rear = PAGE DOWN
    Throttle up = UP ARROW
    Throttle down = DOWN ARROW
    Brake increase = RIGHT ARROW
    Brake decrease = LEFT ARROW
    Fast brake = DELETE
    Emergency brake = END
    Headlights = L
    Center the camera = Z
    Open/close left doors = F1
    Open/close right doors = F2
    Air conditioning = K
    Departure signal = F3
    Horn = H
    Wipers on/off = B
    Walk forward = W
    Walk left = A
    Walk right = D
    Leave/enter cab = C
    Switch outside camera = O
    Switch car camera = N
    Continue explore mode = R
    Current time on/off = F4
    Route monitor on/off = F5
    Station monitor on/off = F6
    Status monitor on/off = F7
    Destination on/off = F8
    Mouse cursor on/off = CTRL
    Announce departure = 9
    Announce last station = 1
    Announce arr. station = 2
    Announce next station = 8
    Announce dest. station = 7
    Reset monitor position = M
    Simulation speed = BACKSPACE
    Screenshot = F12

    Final analysis: a great simulator of a complex rail operation, and highly recommended to anyone with even the slightest interest in subway trains.

    D.C. Shoemaker
    [email protected]

    World of Subways Vol. 1 can be purchased from the FS Pilot Shop

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